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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday weekend is chance for families to save money (07/23/16)
SIKESTON -- It may be two weeks away, but it's not too early to start planning for the annual Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday weekend. Missouri's Tax-Free Weekend will start at 12:01 a.m. Aug. 5 and run through Aug. 7. Back-to-school items such as clothing, school supplies, computers and other items defined by the Missouri statute are exempt from state and county sales tax during the weekend...
Forging new skills: Merit badge camp introduces Boy Scouts to metal work (07/23/16)
SIKESTON -- The only thing higher than the temperature was the enthusiasm. Despite thermometer readings in the mid 90s, approximately 50 Boy Scouts gathered around flaming coals, dodged sparks from cutting torches and donned heavy coats and gloves for a chance to weld...
Annual tour highlights agriculture diversity (07/23/16)
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. -- Bootheel farmers and agriculture specialists will help Congressman Jason Smith kick off his Fourth Annual Farm Tour on Monday. This year's tour will cover nearly 3,000 miles while crisscrossing Missouri's Eighth Congressional District...
Politics on the national stage: National convention offered insights to GOP's presidential candidate (07/23/16)
SIKESTON - Two local politicians experienced politics on the national stage when they attended the 2016 Republican Convention. "I think America is ready for a Donald Trump presidency," said 151st District Rep. Tila Hubrecht of Dexter in a telephone interview on her return from the convention in Cleveland. She said she wasn't quite on the Trump train as the convention began, but "after seeing his family interaction, I was impressed and I liked what I heard."...
Vision of the future: New executive director of SRC working to gain development momentum (07/22/16)
SIKESTON - With it only being three weeks since Barry Sellers started, the Sikeston Regional Chamber CEO/executive director already looks to gain development momentum for the future of Sikeston and the region. "I'm a big believer in regionalism," said Sellers. "You have to think of the city, county and region to be successful anymore. This 'island' idea won't cut it."...
As temperatures rise, residents look for ways to beat the heat (07/22/16)
SIKESTON -- With the entire Southeast Missouri region under an excessive heat warning through Sunday, residents are finding various ways to beat the heat. According to the National Weather Service in Paducah, Ky., the combination of high temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s will combine with oppressive humidity to produce heat indices from 105 to 110 degrees. Some locations may even top 110 Friday, Saturday and Sunday...
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Just a loaf of bread

I stopped at a small store on my way home from work. I needed a loaf of bread and thought it would be faster to stop there than go into a larger store, stand in line, etc. There were very few people shopping so I thought I had made the right decision. I took my bread up to the checkout counter and lo and behold, I was the only one. No line. I set the bread down on the counter and the checker was on her cellphone having a conversation that she continued to have while I waited. She finally scanned the barcode, took my money and put the bread in a bag. She never said one word to me, and when I left the store, she was still having her conversation. Hello? Do businesses not have any kind of policy when it comes to customer service? Maybe employers need to start having employees wear an ID badge with their cell number on it. That way we can actually talk to them if we need help.

Not a bad idea

I read recently that Newt Gingrich had less well-received ideas. Among the ideas were having school children serve as janitors. When I started my teaching career, high school boys worked after school at school. They emptied the trash cans and swept the floor. The main custodian checked to make sure they did their job. It taught them work ethics. They earned money to buy what they needed or wanted. Why is that a bad idea?

Take a look at Parma

I'm calling about the article in SpeakOut called "Trash talk." It was referring to a house in Morley that has trash all over the yard. If you really want to see something trashy, come to Parma, Mo. The first thing you're gonna see when you come into town is an old building that needs to be torn down. Then you will see other buildings that need to be demolished as you go through town. You're not seeing anything bad in Morley as you could see in Parma.

Scheming on a jet plane

Hillary Clinton is an un-indicted felon. She violated the Espionage Act. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton hashed out the deal in that airplane that day. This is visible signs of pure political corruption at the very highest level of our government.

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