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Friday, Nov. 28, 2014
Just Saying - Episode 60

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Material girl

To the one who wanted some quilt scraps, please leave your number in the paper and I will give you a call.

Virginia Mimosa 500

I think the public safety officers need to be checking Virginia Street and Mimosa Street about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. These cars come by here wide open, especially a red one.

Overcome by protesting

Hello America, hello Southeast Missouri. My comment is about protesting. If we caucasians, whites, whatever you want to call us, if we had done what the protesters in Ferguson have done they would call us a klan. They are just calling it a peaceful protest. It wouldn't matter if the National Guard or more police were there, they are gonna do what they want to anyway. Why are they bussing other idiots in to destroy that town. The people that own the businesses don't deserve that. How come they are not arrested? But, that's racist. The NAACP is out there holding hands saying 'We shall gather.' Let a little bunch of white people do that and it's a clan. If they want to fight, let them join the military. But they are not smart enough to join the military. That's why you are out on the street throwing firebombs and spraying bullets all over the street. You can't hit nobody but innocent people. Grow up! You guys have already convicted this officer anyway. It won't matter either way, the town is gonna suffer. You guys might as well move out, let them have it and then it can look like Cairo, Ill.

Oh, good grief

I'm calling in about Black Friday. I think that's very racist. Why don't they call it White Friday or Shop Friday? Why does there have to be a Black Friday?

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