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Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Just Saying - Episode 60

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Politics is no place for actors

I stand amazed at the gullible stance that blacks and hispanics take on Hillary Clinton. They think she is for them. The truth is she would not allow her daughter to go to school nor college with blacks or hispanics. Nor would she encourage her to interact with them. I'm just memorized that the delusion they are under. They don't check anything out. I'm just shocked. I wish Republicans and everybody who is tired of the status quo would begin to boycott Hollywood that takes such a political stand. Just be an entertainer and leave politics to your own private business. Matt Damon is one of the worst.

Blowing in the street

I've complained about the grass being mowed on Taylor Street and being blown out in the street. This is not only causing our street to flood because it stops up the street drain, but it is also causing water to get into people's houses. If this does not stop, I'm gonna have to try and do something myself. I wish the code enforcement would come down Taylor Street more often and start handing out tickets to those who are doing this.

Think before you vote

Donald Trump is one of the most ignorant people who has ever run for the President of the United States. He made fun of John McCain when John was shot down in Vietnam. He was in the Hanoi Hotel, and that's not a hotel, it's a prison. He spent five years or more in the prison system. They were gonna release him, but he let another man be released who was in worse shape than he was. Donald Trump has made fun of this man unmercifully. Donald Trump is so ignorant. All of these people are following him like he's Jesus Christ. What he is is an insult. He's ruined a lot of things that we had going in the United States. If he gets in the White House, we might as well bend over and kiss our rear ends goodbye. He doesn't have enough sense to run the country. He filed bankruptcy four times, so how many people do you think suffered - a lot of people. When you don't pay, then they lose what they have a lot of times. So think about it people. Think about the person we need for president. He called kids names when he was in the fourth and fifth grade. He has the mentality of a small child. You don't have to vote for Hillary, but think before you vote.

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