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Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016
Just Saying - Episode 60

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A church with a mission

I would like to say that this Missionary Baptist Church in Matthews is about one of the best churches about helping people. In June, July and August they passed out food and this young couple, their children and another couple and their grandchildren delivered boxes. It was so hot and everything. People really appreciated it. They will help you any way they can. I think they need to be recognized for what they do. They do a lot of good stuff. If all churches did what they do, it would be wonderful.

Who needs medication?

Mike, your response to a recent caller who lambasted your "beloved" Donald Trump was a suggestion that the caller needed to take their "meds." After hearing and seeing all the temper tantrums Donald Trump has had even since the GOP Convention, and then going after the parents of the soldier who lost his life for this country, and other juvenile delinquent things he has done, I think you suggestion about the caller "taking their meds" was misdirected to say the least. It is Trump who is in need of medication and basic social skills that most of us learned in kindergarten. But being of privilege and living a sheltered life, he has grown up to believe that only his opinion counts in whatever he does or says. He is the poster child of narcissism and I can only assume that you have closed your eyes and "drank the Kool-Aid" and you're blindly going along for the good of the party. Hillary Clinton is flawed, but Trump and his lack of basic knowledge of foreign affairs, of government operations, of the military (by which he has five - count 'em - 5 deferments) makes her look so much better prepared to be our next president. He "loves the veterans" though, but his ignorance broke through recently when he displayed a purple heart that he claimed was given to him by a vet and he shockingly said he got it the "easy way." All veterans who know what that medal stood for should have been disgusted at that spectacle. His one sentence answers to complex questions speaks volumes about his inability to deal with the current conditions facing our world. He will lose this November, and all I can say is "Good riddance." Maybe he can get with Vladimir Putin and "make a few deals" if they haven't already. These two seem to have formed a mutual admiration society.

Howdy neighbor

I am calling about a little lady that lives on Matthews Street. She always greets us when we are headed to church on Wednesday and Sunday with a wave and a smile. It's nice to know that there are still nice people in the world with all this violence that is going on.

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