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Sunday, July 5, 2015
Just Saying - Episode 60

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Just a little wishy-washy

I wish I knew what SpeakOut comment the caller was referring to as he seems to take up for Mike. If it is my comment, I have to wonder what kind of drugs he is on. I wasn't really giving Mike a hard time, except for maybe being a little wishy-washy on whether or not he agreed or disagreed with the donation in question. Certainly not questioning his loyalty to the town, the people of the town, or who he has or has not helped. Again, if this is the SpeakOut comment that he was upset with, he needs to read the comment before responding to it. Just one more little bit of information for the caller, I do go to church and shake Mr. Jensen's hand just about every Sunday.

Not the first

Why is Barack Obama always referred to as the first African American president when the fact is he is biracial? He may be the first biracial president but he certainly isn't the first African American president.

Guns aren't the problem

An old high school friend of mine brought up an interesting point about Dylann Roof's shooting of the people in the South Carolina church. He was saying how people were blaming the shooting on guns. I had never really thought of it the way he explained it, but I think he has a legitimate and valid point. He said, "If it's the fault of the gun, then let's take the gun, melt it down, make a hammer out of it and let the guy go." True, a gun was used in the shooting, but it had to have someone buy it, put the ammunition in it and fire it. Guns are not bad in the hands of a responsible person. It's the irresponsible person we have to worry about, not the guns.

Colors of the South

If Walmart, Sears, Target and everybody in the world doesn't want to sell the Confederate flag that has been around a lot longer than the American flag, maybe it's time to boycott those stores that are just worried to death about political correctness instead of commonsense.

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