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Friday, Aug. 1, 2014
Just Saying - Episode 60

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Give me a signal

Well, it's raining again and my Direct Cable TV is off and I wonder if anybody else was having the same problem. It seems like every time it rains the cable goes off. It used to be Charter that had all these problems, but I believe Direct TV is having them now. Please speakout if you are having them too.

Roofer ready

My name is Brad Breedlove, and I saw in the paper where there is a senior person needing discount roofing and they wanted someone to leave their name and number. I'm interested in helping them. My number is 573-328-4628 or they can reach me on my cell at 573-200-2921.

Just breathe

This is in response to the SpeakOut caller in the July 23 paper about "Right or wrong." He says that everything a Republican says is wrong. He better pull his head out of his butt and take a breath before he dies because he sure is wrong on everything.

What's it all about?

Would you please put in the paper what that farm bill means and what everybody is supposed to vote for it? Could you just tell it what it's all about so we know what we are voting for?

Write it up, cowboy

With all these pictures in color of criminals on the front page, could we please have a picture of our pretty rodeo queen on the front page the first of August?

Tinker with a Twinkie

People complain that they can't find anything to do to have fun. I remember when we were little, we used to go to the park, play, have some Twinkies and Kool Aid and have a good time. Now that we are older, we still can have fun. We can tinker around together and still have a Twinkie. You can have a good time by having a good attitude. It's not where you go or what you do, but how you do it.

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