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Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015
Just Saying - Episode 60

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Gutsy and spot on

Mr. Jensen, I would like to commend you on your excellent article on the 18th entitled, "Opening our doors to let terrorists in." It was spot on. The pointed line saying that this president is committing "borderline treason" is quite gutsy. That is only the second time I've seen that in newsprint over an eight year period. The last line telling the nation's chief executive to grow a pair may not have been very genteel, but it was an accurate assessment of what's missing from the White House today. Thank you, sir, for a much needed article. God bless everyone.

Nothing is free

Free sex isn't very free. If you think it is, just ask "Charlie." The Bible says sin is enjoyable for awhile, but has its just rewards. If you disagree, just ask "Charlie."

Deere tracks

This is in regard to the farmer that drove a John Deere combine across my lawn. I live east of Vanduser. I would appreciate him coming and smoothing out the tracks. The ground was wet and he dug in pretty deep.

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