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Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014
Just Saying - Episode 60

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A true American patriot

Captain Sam Burke, a Sikeston High School graduate, is an amazing young Marine Corps leader and true American patriot. His speech at the Sikeston Field House was heartfelt and well-received by the students, vets and families in attendance. An excellent program and guest speaker presentation.

Sale or cell

Is it just me, or are people getting ruder? Employees in stores used to go by "the customer is always right." Nowadays they give you "the look" when you ask for help like you are bothering them. One of the reasons I don't shop at certain stores is the way I am treated. You want to feel like your business is appreciated, not tolerated. And another thing, put down that dang cellphone. I honestly think some of them couldn't walk without that thing glued to their ear. If my business is not worth interrupting your call, then you are not worth my business.

Everybody has a story

The Lord blesses people that are humble, that want better for people. Who ever keeps calling in about poor people, have they ever had an emergency with no phone? Have they ever had an emergency with no car? Some people need to keep their mouths shut. They don't know everybody's problems.

Dare to prepare bare

I would like to know why all these TV shows that cook food, why they don't wear any gloves? Nobody would eat that food when their hands have been all over it.

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