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Monday, Mar. 2, 2015
Just Saying - Episode 60

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Double whammy

I live on a dead end street with only 8 houses on the east side of the street. We are seniors and handicapped people with medical problems. After the recent snow, we had our driveways cleaned. We were able to get in or out as needed. Five days after the snow, a city salt truck came with a front blade turned toward the houses spreading some salt. He did not turn around, but backed out with blade down toward the houses, leaving large clumps of snow as large three feet high across the driveways, also dragging salt he had just spread. Now we can't get in or out. More important, if we needed emergency help, it can't get in. The city gave us double trouble.

The price was wrong

I just need to make a comment on The Price is Right show that was held in Paducah on Feb. 20. My family and I had tickets bought, and due to the very bad weather, snow on the ground, sleet and freezing rain coming in that night, we didn't go. They do not give refunds only if the show itself can't be there. I just wanted to let people know that they better make sure they can make it if they get tickets because they do not give refunds. I think that's a very bad policy. We were very excited to go, but we could not get there because of the weather. I just wanted people to know they may be set up for something they're not ready for if they can't get there for whatever reason. I think they need to rethink their policy. We were really excited to go but lost our money for no fault of our own. We were very disappointed in the weather and for losing our money.

They walk among us

I'm calling about a Monday, Feb. 23 speakout on an "Unwritten law," where someone called in and stated that he President Obama and Governor Nixon need to make a law where employees could not be written up for not coming to work when the weather is bad. I sure hope this guy is not registered to vote.

Do more for Morley

With the recent snowfall we've had in Scott County, I can't believe that these small towns don't take care of their citizens. The citizens pay taxes. You can't even drive on the streets. They are too poor to buy snow plows and too poor to hire people to clear the streets. People get stuck and tear up their cars and other people run into them. I think it should be a state law that if you tear up your car on these city streets, that the state is liable for it, including Morley. We would like to know if a council member in Morley could explain to the citizens why there is no snow removal in town. We pay taxes living here. This is one town that they don't clean the streets. We have to get out and work like everybody else. Cape and Jackson have good streets. They take care of their citizens. The city of Morley don't care.

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