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Tuesday, Sep. 1, 2015
Just Saying - Episode 60

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Black, white and read

I wanna know why African American criminal reports are on the front page and those that are white are not on the front page. I just want to know why that's so. It's always blacks on the front page and whites aren't and I just wanna know why. Aug. 19 is a prime example of whites not being put on the front page for criminal action. We don't have any blacks on Aug. 19, and the white one is on the inner page.

For starters, you are wrong on the lack of white criminal faces on our front pages. Drop by the office and we can examine back issues to prove my point. Keep in mind, we don't control who is arrested. Our only control is over what is printed given space limitations and other news of the day, The ideal way to keep both black and white faces from our front pages it to quit committing a crime. How's that for a concept?!

Enough already

I was reading the birth announcements in the paper. There is one little ol' gal in there from Chaffee that just had her third child, not married. And then there's one from Charleston that just had her seventh child. If they are gonna mess around with everyone in the country, they should at least use birth control or some stupid man should use birth control because they know they are gonna hit them up for child support. Don't they have any parents to talk to or anything? This is utterly ridiculous.

Who cares about Kardashians?

Mike, please tell me what's so great about the Kardashians. They are on TV all the time, and there's no substance to what they are reporting. They throw them at us, and I don't care. One time they were put on TV about naming a rabbit. This world is messed up. They are truly a messed up family. I have heard that they have walked through airports to get attention, not to boarding a plane, just walking through the back with airport security.

The Ingram Autobahn

We're still looking for help over here on North Ingram to slow these trucks and cars down. The last couple of days, the dump trucks are driving way too fast. The speed limit is 35, and I know because I've driven a truck for the last 30 years, that these trucks are driving way above 35 miles per hour. If DPS doesn't want to help us then DOT or the Highway Patrol needs to come out here and slow these trucks down before someone gets killed.

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