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SpeakOut 3/28

Friday, March 28, 2008

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Is there a city ordinance in Sikeston that limits the number of dogs you can have in your backyard? If there is, could you put that in SpeakOut? We are tired of dogs barking.

There is a city ordinance that limits it to three dogs. The ownership of four or more dogs over six months old is considered a kennel. No kennels are permitted within city limits.

Barack Obama's pastor, the Rev. Wright, espouses Liberation theology. Liberation theology teaches that racism is wrong unless it is practiced by non-whites; that women should have the right to murder their unborn babies; that homosexuals have a right to marry; that Marxism is right and America is evil. Thankfully, most African-American preachers do not preach this anti-American, race-baiting hate speech. Here's the bottom line: If a white candidate for president was a member of a Christian identity church and was best friends with a Christian identity pastor, he would have been kicked out of the race for president a long time ago.

I heard on CNN, Obama talking. If a man would take and belong to a church for 20 years and keep talking about how good a pastor he is whenever he uses words that damns God, he cannot be good for the country. He has got to be one of the biggest liars going.

If anyone doubts we have a power leak controlling our government, military and our lives, and doesn't care about our American people, look at the Pentagon spending $40 billion, that's billions with a B. That's taxpayers' dollars to buy airborne refueling tankers from Europe's Air Defense Company instead of from Boeing, who would have employed American defense workers. Now what kind of patriotism is that? Do you still want to sacrifice your sons and daughters for glory in this military and deserts the American worker and spends our own money on foreign workers? Forty billion dollars worth of your tax money? Let the Pentagon elite take their citizenship in Europe. Revoke their American citizenship. These people are traitors and they don't deserve any kind of loyalty, and especially, power over us. One of John McCain's, who is supposed to be so patriotic, one of his campaign managers is a lobbyist for the European Air Defense Systems. Now how patriotic is that?

I had a young boy come to my house selling coupon books for $10. I never received this book. I was wondering if there is an organization out there selling these books or have I just been scammed?

Mister Capitalist, pro-war, pro-militarism editor, what do you propose for this society to do with the 200,000 or more returning soldiers from Iraq, who have been trained in violent behavior and the use of weapons, who have been diagnosed with post traumatic distress order? What is your solution to this problem? You get all bent out of shape over local crime. What are you going to do when you have someone go berserk and with knowledge on how to do violence in some respect? Let us know. You think you can drug people into submission forever? You think that'll work?