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Seven are chosen to represent area

Monday, February 18, 2002

SIKESTON - Representing the hundreds of children who are served by the Kenny Roger Children's Center on the promotional poster this year with their seven faces are, clockwise from top left:

* Emily Medley, 7, daughter of Stacy and Diane Medley of Portageville.

Diagnosed with visual impairment which impacts her ability to move through and function within her environment, Emily receives occupational and physical therapy services from the KRCC.

OT helps her improve skills like buttoning her coat, and PT works on improving her ability to perform such skills as playing catch with a ball.

* Taylee Brashear, 4, daughter of Jennifer and Allen Brashear of Sikeston.

Taylee was diagnosed with developmental decay which impacts her cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, social, emotional and communication skills. She receives OT, PT and speech therapy services.

PT helps her move safely through her environment by improving balance, jumping and stair-climbing skills.

During OT they work on improving Taylee's ability to maintain her visual and focused attention on objects and activities as well as her ability to perform daily skills like dressing herself.

Speech therapy works on boosting her ability to communicate wants and needs and to appropriately interact and communicate with her peers.

* Ben Crider, 18, of New Madrid, son of Tracy Crossfield of New Madrid.

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy which impact his ability to move, learn and perform simple day-to-day tasks, Ben uses a motorized wheelchair for mobility.

In addition to attending New Madrid High School, Ben receives both occupational and physical therapy services at KRCC.

During PT, they work on improving his ability to move independently both while getting in and out of his chair and when moving around his environment without the chair.

Improving Ben's ability to use his vision and hands more efficiently for everyday tasks such as writing legibly are the goals in OT.

* Deonte Clemons, 5, son of Nonyumeka Clemons of Charleston.

Diagnosed with delayed language and cognitive development which impact his ability to learn and communicate, Deonte attends classes at KRCC through the Charleston school district.

Deonte receives specialized instruction and speech therapy services which work on improving his ability to solve problems, memorize, and communicate his thoughts effectively.

Activities are also designed to help prepare him for Kindergarten by working on social skills and preacademic skills like cutting and coloring.

* John and James McElreath, both age 13, sons of Tracey McElreath of Delta.

Both boys are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. To get around, James uses a wheelchair and a walker and John uses wrist crutches.

PT improves their overall mobility skills so they are less dependent on devices and other people. OT helps them improve their visual skills and ability to use their arms efficiently for common tasks like pouring a beverage.

OT staff are also assisting with a recommendation for a computer with modified control switches to enable John to communicate more effectively through writing.

* Garrett Kyle, 4, son of Aaron and Sherry Medler of Dexter.

Diagnosed with developmental delay which impacts his ability to perform activities typical for his age, Garrett receives OT and PT at the center.

OT focuses on improving his hand-eye coordination and ability to perform skills with his hands such as coloring and manipulating zippers and buttons.

PT works on improving Garrett's overall strength, coordination and balance necessary for such activities as jumping.