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Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Call 471-6636

Talk about accidental phone calls, I made an accidental call a few months ago and this guy answered and said, "Jesus loves you." That made my day.

This is for everybody, black and white. Why don't you all get a life? We need to all get along and stop acting like kids. You know nothing is going to change. We still have to live around each other and hating and killing isn't going to run anybody away. Think about that. God bless you all.

What happened to Sarah Girot on KFVS-12? I haven't seen her in quite a while. I thought she was a good reporter.

She left to return to school.

I wish to comment about the Oct. 15 editorial cartoon. I think it was great. War is horrible and it's a terrible waste. But it has some of a lot of things in our world history. Just sign me a World War II vet.

I wish they would put the St. Louis channel back on so we could watch hockey and their evening news. If Charter wants to charge extra for it, we will pay it.

Have you called Charter?

Let's see if I've got this straight. Two criminals rob a Sikeston drug store, then they flee to a house where they are hold up in a standoff or shootout with the lawn enforcement people who have them surrounded. In a moment of sheer brilliance, while they are in the house, the set the house on fire. Is there any reason why they should not be nominated for "America's Dumbest Criminals?"

I don't go along with President Bush on several of his issues. He wants everyone to send $1 to help the children in the war in Afghanistan. There are people and children in the United States who need help and food and can't get it. There are a lot of people, like myself, who lost their job. The jobs are being sent to Mexico. What are we to do? Pretty soon, we people of the U.S. will be just like the Afghanistan people if we keep going like we have since Bush has been in office. We won't have Social Security or nothing, we won't be able to pay our bills and we will be living on the street. People, wake up. We are doomed. You should not send the $1.

God help the U.S. I don't know why we should send $1 or food to Afghanistan. Some of the people in this country have the same thing as the poor over there. There are a lot of children and poor people here in the U.S. who need food and shelter. If Bush gets his way, you won't have a job or a place to work at and there won't be any Social Security left for the elderly people. A lot of people can't afford to get their medicine now. The little farmers have had to go out of the farming business because of the price of the grain; the big farmers get all the money. Why is that? People need to look around and see what's happening in this country.