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Time for candidates to call a cease fire

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Here's some final campaign advice - strictly unsolicited - for those running for office this year. The advice pertains primarily to the national and statewide candidates. Local candidates ignore the following.

Here's the advice. Quit campaigning! That's right. Go into seclusion, stop making campaign stops, stop repeating the same, tired rhetoric we've heard for months, if not years. Just slip quietly away into the night. Have your followers work the phones to assure a good turnout on election day. Pay your bills. And then wait patiently for the returns to end the suspense.

I can't imagine what new information can be brought to the political process in the next two weeks. Granted, there have been exceptions in the past where last-minute events impacted the election. But for the most part, if it surfaces in the next two weeks it's either a.) Not true or b.) Not true.

I can't tell you the number of people who comment daily on the political landscape. And the one common thread to every single comment is that "enough already," let's vote. That refrain comes from Democrats and Republicans, young and old, rich and poor. I assume the chorus of comments will only grow in the next two weeks.

In many ways, I cannot help but marvel that in two weeks plus a couple of hours this lengthy political season will actually be over. Actually, odds are strong that the election will likely be in the hands of a judge or a legislature or someone other than the voters in two weeks plus a couple of hours. That is the worst case scenario and yet, those in the know seems to recognize the strong probability that is exactly what will happen. Few events could damage the strength of American confidence as much as an election thrown to the courts.

By mutual agreement, the presidential candidates should cease and desist. If they have money remaining in their bulging campaign coffers, then donate it to the Social Security fund or some other worthwhile need. But quit jetting around the country blasting your opponent for yet another time. In short, it's not good for our nation.

I realize we cannot truly put a timeframe on the political season. Once election day has come and gone, there are those who will begin in earnest their bids for office somewhere down the road. In other words, it's an endless cycle.

But I believe the American public would relish a cease-fire in the current political season. In fact, the first candidate to call a halt to the daily round of tired speeches and repetitious name-calling, may actually gain some support. If all of those who complain about the length of this campaign season were to vote for the first candidate to call it quits, this election would be over in more ways than one.

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