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Speakout 1/13

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Yes I was talking about the city manager, Doug Friend, and the money. Why do we need a city manager when we have a mayor. I thought that is why we had a mayor for. We don't need a city manager and a mayor too. We need one of them. The mayor is making more money than the city manager is making. We need to do away with the city manager and just get the mayor in and make him do the job that he is suppose to be doing.

The mayor is an unpaid position. Our form of government requires a city manager and a mayor.


Mike, I usually agree with you on most things but my husband and I worked skilled jobs here in Sikeston until retirement. We never made close to that amount of $89,900 a year and that for a city manager is too much. Also Malone from Delmar at least to South Prairie used to be city-owned. Check on this.

Has anyone considered if throwing a cigarette out of your car is littering? I saw a police officer put one out there at Main and Malone. I thought they had ashtrays for that.

Mike, who are we going to vote for now since Bush opened the borders up. He's opened them up to those illegals. Can't vote for him, can't vote for the Dems. Don't know who I will vote for.


This is Thursday, Jan. 7, I saw the speech the President made today on CNN. He is going to give people in other countries a Visa card to come over to our country to go to work and we that are unemployed at the present time can't even find a job here in this country. But it is OK for them to come over here and take our jobs. We have shipped all our jobs to Mexico, Japan, China, Taiwan and now they are going to come over and take what jobs are left in this country. President Bush has just done this so he can get more votes in the election for president in the year 2005. I can not believe what I have been hearing. We have lost so many good jobs because we have sent the jobs to other countries, now we are letting these people come over and take the jobs we have left in this country. They don't deserve a Visa card, they don't deserve to come over here and work while we, the American people, can't find a job to support our families. Another thing the reason the unemployment rate has gone down is so many people are going on welfare. If the people on welfare weren't on welfare the unemployment rate probably would be approximately 20 percent. I don't like the way our country is being handled. In November 2005 we better start thinking and get some people in office that are going to be for the American people.

There are just too many misunderstandings to answer but for starters, the presidential election is in November of 2004.