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Speakout 12/23

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

What is the problem? It seems that every time a person spits out a window and a black person sees it, it's racism. Lady, I think your stupid dog ran out in front of a car and was killed, just like a thousand others that day. At least I didn't see the KKK in town. If I had, I doubt they were on "dog duty."

I read the article about the black lady who's dog was killed. I grew up in Portageville in the '50s and '60s and I understand racial prejudice and how it was an accepted way of life. After one month in the Army, I quickly learned you had to depend on the man next to you, regardless of his color. I stayed in the Army 21 years and had that point driven home on hundreds of occasions. I would like to publicly apologize to that lady (in regards to her loved animal) and tell her how sorry I am that people still have so much hate in their heart. No matter how we were raised, not all of us have that much hate inside us.

To the person asking if her dog was killed because of racism or if it was an accident, if it were an accident, the person would have come to her door and told her that her dog was dead. So what do you think?

Not necessarily.

In SpeakOut, a response to a website for the Scott County Court was given as: Go to www.casenet.com and follow the links. I went there and found only an entertainment site. What's up or where did I go wrong? Even Casenet said it was an entertainment site.

Sorry for the confusion. Try this one: http://www.osca.state.mo.us/casenet/ and then click on the link: case.net

Why don't you do an article on how the Congressional universal health care works and how much it costs, how it's paid for and all the little details and particulars and what's provided? I think Americans need to know. When I hear all the complaints about welfare and health care, I don't think a dime of taxpayer money ought to be spent on people who are already millionaires when they get into Congress or any high government position.