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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 9/19

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I give blood and I'm nearly 50 years old. I didn't know my blood was needed. I've given bone marrow. People want to gripe and bash the president. This president has done everything he can under his power to try to keep foreign terrorists from coming in over here so we don't have to fight on our own turf. I can't believe all these American people who want to blame Democrat and Republican roles. It does not make any difference, it's the man you vote for. I'm Democan and Republicrat. It's the person you vote for so I go vote your conscience this election year. We need what we need, a good military president. If you don't elect a good military president, then we have a problem. Then Al Qaedea will come over and bomb the heck out of us.

I am appalled at the picture that was in the paper about the veterans that were going on this tour to Washington, D.C. They had Sue Rogers backside on the bottom of the page. It was honoring her Daddy. Well, excuse me, but there were other veterans there and there were some nice pictures taken. Also there was the American Legion and the Elks who paid their way. And another thing, you showed a picture of this girl doing some dressing in her house, dressed in her nice attire. Your photographer should have been down at the kitchen at the American Legion. That's where the action was. And that's all I want to say.

In response to whomever sent in the article, and yes it isn't hard to figure out who it might be, the mayor, cop, or maybe the parents of the boys. These boys were doing community service for the graffiti they put on several people's property around town. We had to buy our own stuff to remove the writing and clean it up ourselves with no help from the boys. And you think they need applause? I think not! What they need is some juvenile time and then they might think twice before attempting this or any other damage again. If the parents would keep them in school and off the streets, Canalou would be a much better place to live. Give them some real community service. Canalou has plenty of work to be done.

The oppression of women is a device conjured by weak and frightened men throughout history. God never intended for half of his children to be subservient to the other half strictly by reason of their gender. An omniscient being would never be so ignorant as to squander the brains and talents of one-half of the human population in that way. To the SpeakOut caller who says otherwise, you need to take your version of the Bible and go join the Taliban in Afghanistan. You'll fit right in. But you are right about one thing, you should join the Republican Party. You'd make a lousy Democrat.