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Speakout 3/24

Thursday, March 24, 2005

When I went to the first girls' softball meeting, I was shocked to see only five parents there. We are going to have to do better than that! Parents of girl softball players: Let's step up to the plate and show them support. Let's get a real good softball program like the boys' baseball program. Unless more parents take interest in our girls' softball or any sports they will be going to another town to play or be on a team. I'm a proud parent of only girls. I think they should have every opportunity that boys get when it comes to playing softball but they can't unless we stand together. From a proud dad.

This is to the "Schools as Parents" caller. It's people like you and your way of thinking that is turning our school system into a Nazi Concentration School! I mean, you told us there is a dress code, and I know how much homework they send home with the kids these days, for I have three kids in schools here myself. I wonder if they actually do any school work at the schools! The schools have these kids working their butts off doing homework and projects and essays already. So what's wrong if they want to skateboard? Who cares how their hair looks or how it's styled! Be happy they are going to school period! Then to have them dictate to us, parents, how they should dress (which they do already), and how short or long their hair should be! This is getting out of hand. You, busy bodies need to do something useful with your time than to worry about what kind of hair cuts these kids of today have. Do you want to open a barber shop inside the schools and pay for their hair cuts? I didn't think so! There's not a barber in this town that knows how to cut hair. Everyone in town "styles" hair and then charge you for the work they've done (that looked better before you even went in there). Haircut costs add up when you have more than one child!

After reading this article I have to say one thing and that is that she was so much more. Jacquline was one of the most special people on this planet for many reasons. Most of all though she was so good to other people. While in school in Sikeston as a young man life can be very cruel and mentally awkward. I will always be grateful for having Jackie as a friend. She was a grade ahead of me and always afford a kind word and never treated you badly as upper classman can. My heart goes out to her family for they have truly lost a special part of their lives. The world would be much better off to follow her template for life. Clem Peters a friend

I was wanting to know if they are fixing to take that tennis court out there at the Complex and turn it into a rollerskate-skateboard deal for little kids to get off the streets and they could play out there. They could have a sign that shows they are not responsible for any injuries because they don't want to be sued. There isn't hardly anyone who plays tennis out there. That is a big area for kids to play with their skateboards.

I would like to Speakout about Bush and Social Security. I would like to see him live on Social Security after he retires. When he retires he will get the same pay as he does when he was president, that is not right. I would like a response to this.

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To the person calling in about George Bush getting down to "real" problems. The next time you talk about someone else, think of them more than as just an issue because many people are people too.