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Speakout 2/15

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I cannot believe the number of people who call in and say that spanking is abuse. I grew up getting spankings and would most likely be a criminal today if it had not been for my blistering butt whippings. If you're a parent and decide to spank your child when they are 14 of older, it's too darned late. It's my opinion that you blew it. You failed your children - they did not fail you. You failed them by not showing them that there are consequences for bad behavior. Children who are 2, 3, 4 and even 5 years old are at an age that spanking will direct them to make the right choices, not to hate you forever. Adults are responsible to see that their children can abide by the law. It has always been my responsibility that my son understood and followed the law. After 18 he is on his own. Until then, you own them and if you fail, you pay.

I am looking for the address for the Atkins diet. Please put the information in SpeakOut.

Call toll-free (800) 265-6170.

Recently my 91-year-old grandmother passed away. Am I under the wrong understanding, or is the funeral home paid to put the correct obituary information in the local paper? When the director was confronted about the article, his comment was, "Sometimes you can only do what you can do, you can't do any more." This was said in a very inappropriate tone. How would he feel if the family said the same thing when it comes to paying? Also, during the frigid temperatures, instead of taking the casket and the flowers in the funeral home overnight, they left them in the hearse and let them freeze. I thought that the whole concept of the funeral was for the loved ones left behind. He definitely didn't have the compassion that funeral directors should have. I will definitely not take my business back to him.

When are we, the Christian people, going to start protesting and speaking up for Christians' rights in this country? They teach evolution to our kids in schools. We didn't come from animals. God created every human on the face of the Earth. He is the creator; He created man and we didn't come from any stupid animal. They have taken God's name out of schools, out of marriages, out of homes and I saw on TV today where gay people have the right for same sex marriages. I remember reading in the Bible what God had to do to Sodom and Gomorrah because of their sexual sins. He had to destroy those two cities. We, the Christian people, better get off our rumps and start protesting and sticking up for our Christian rights or we will have no rights in the near future. We were created by God, not from some animal, and they're teaching this to our children in school. It's a shame, it's a disgrace and it is a slap in the face of the Christian people.

I am calling about the church in Grant City. One time they call it the House of Prayer Independent Baptist Church and other times they call it the House of Prayer General Baptist Church. Which is it?

The church changed its name over a year ago to House of Prayer Independent Baptist Church. The sign just hasn't been changed. Call the Rev. Bob Burnes at 471-1681 for more information.