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Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

Speakout 8/30

Monday, August 30, 2004

To all of the Sikeston folks and all Republicans who have been kissing Bush's sorry, stinking, lying, nasty you-know-what, I'd just like to know what you think of his signing of the Overtime Rule? Although I'm sure it doesn't phase you much because you don't have to work as hard as some of us do for your dollars and don't really have to depend on the overtime. All of you are just as sorry as he is for even considering it's like that "cat" (putting it mildly), much less voting him back into office as our president. He's a liar and a sorry dog for sending our innocent men and women to Iraq, risking their lives and ruining the lives of the lost soldiers' families because of something that he could not take care of. Has he ever shown his face in Iraq? Why didn't he just have a bomb dropped to diminish Iraq completely? Because our people over there are innocent, just like some Iraqis (if you want to believe that). If Ron White, a well-known comedian would run for president, he'd have my vote. He'd probably eliminate Iraq, Bush fans and the whole Republican Party. To sign off, I'll be waiting for all of your replies. Bush is one big joke! Oh, yeah. Might I remind you what paper you're reading - the Standard "Democrat."

If John Kerry won three Purple Hearts in four months, when did he have time to spend in a hospital to get over his wounds. I thought the only way a person could get a Purple Heart was if they got hurt or something like that. I just don't believe he got three Purple Hearts. I know boys who were over there and got one, but they were laid up for months in the hospital. It just seems funny that he got three Purple Hearts in four months. I just wish he'd tell the truth.

John Kerry put in for all those medals. A man fixing a fence would have gotten hurt worse than he ever did in 'Nam. He had all this in mind while running for president with all those medals. Bob Dole, was injured and left for dead on the battlefield, wouldn't even compare to this guy. He's nothing but Ted Kennedy's puppet.

Now Kerry tries to call the Swift Boat Troops as "petty?" He has tried to run his whole campaign pretending he's a war hero. He has nothing else to run on. It's just another one of his flip-flops. I didn't see him condemning all the other people trying to run Bush down (which none of them were true). Bush hasn't stood there in line pretending he's some great war hero or anything else. What a man!

I want to thank the people who helped the little boy and 15-year-old girl with clothing. They came and brought school clothes for them and the children were very ecstatic about their new clothes and they're ready to go to school now. I am the grandmother and really appreciate your help and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making life better for these two children.

I am calling about an editorial Mike Jensen wrote where he said he couldn't recognize songs on the radio and said he just wasn't "cool" anymore. I just want to say Mike, you're as "cool as a mole.