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Speakout 8/31

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

What happened to coming to work and being professional and getting your work done? Do employees who bring children to work really think they can be productive? Never mind that the child is aggravating the other employees who do work and are constantly asked by the child, "Do you have anything I can do for you?" This really interferes with our work! It is beginning to be a weekly problem. But the bigger question is, why does the boss allow this to go on? Why can't the rest of the employees bring their children to work? It seems funny to me that the other employees are able to find babysitters. Why can't she? It seems to be only one employee is allowed to bring her child to work and the rest of us are expected to find someone to babysit our children. I would like to bring my child to work and laugh and have fun and get paid for it, too. It is not fair to the rest of us. If you are going to bring your child to work, at least take care of the child and quit bothering the rest of the working employees. Or better yet, find a babysitter, because the rest of us had to!

Scott Central's administration should be concerned about a failing grade for two years in a row on their MAP testing. They should consider teachers and books instead of a new gymnasium and middle school. Instead of rallying for a bond issue passage they should've been concentrating on our children's education.

Citizens have told me how they are starting to enjoy their neighborhoods because remaining residents are taking pride again. Residents are feeling safer because there are less places for kids and adults to hide, deal in drugs and other unsafe activities. One lady told me she is now taking walks in her neighborhood and meeting neighbors (a year ago, she could not). LCRA is making a big difference with the destruction of derelict houses and other buildings. Some landlords are telling me they are getting more rent and not having as much problems in renting their property.

I've lived in this area five years now, and this is the first time I've ever felt like getting in the opinion section of your paper. If you were a janitor at a local school, wouldn't you feel like part of your job would to be to clean up after the students at the end of the day? I understand the pay may not be great, but you do get paid. I'm sure there are plenty of other things that get done during the day such as cleaning up bathrooms and various maintenance tasks, and this is all great and expected. So, what's my beef? I'm sure you're asking yourself. Shouldn't a teacher's time be spent preparing lesson plans and instructing the future of our country instead of sweeping up dried mud and picking up loose papers? The last time I checked (and it has been a while), janitors clean up, teachers teach. Why does the principal at a certain elementary in Sikeston demand that the teachers do the bulk of classroom cleaning? This professional doesn't expect the janitors to do the bulk of the classroom teaching, so why put the double duty on the already underpaid, under appreciated teaching staff? Maybe I'm way off base here, maybe not. I'm sure loyal SpeakOut readers will clue me in.

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