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Speakout 11/14

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I am sometimes frustrated, deeply angered and saddened by white people's persistent, smug, hypocritical finger-pointing at black people's sexual behavior. In their self-righteous attempt to judge black "out-of-wedlock'' births, some of these same people conveniently overlook the half-million-plus white babies aborted annually in our country. I am sure that many of these babies were conceived out of wedlock!

I'm beginning to wonder if NBC and "Jeopardy" are giving Mr. Jennings the answer for the ratings. If not he has to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the world. Not the most intelligent, just the most knowledgeable. There is a difference between being intelligent and being knowledgeable isn't there?

The person who wrote about the biscuits and gravy in Sikeston, Hardee's in Sikeston makes the best biscuits and gravy between St. Louis and Memphis. You can even make a meal on biscuits and jelly. We drive all the way from Portageville just for the good meal.

This is in response to the person looking for good biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Try Phil's Market three miles north of Miner on H Highway. They have many other breakfast items too.

I read the article Sunday about cleaning up the city of Sikeston. I have no problem with what you said. I am a concerned citizen of Sikeston and we need to keep our city clean. You mentioned the 1-cent sales tax and I would like to add something to this. The loud noise and dogs and cats running loose in this city should be included too. If dogs are going around and tearing into the trash, using animal waste in the streets and yards, this should be included. People mow their yards and blow grass and leaves into the streets and the wind blows it across the yard onto your neighbor's property.

I read where someone wanted to thank the bank for Walgreens coming to town. I am certainly thankful for that but I wish there was some way we could get a Schnuck's store in Sikeston.

This is about the Nov. 4 obituary for Andrew Tyler. First of all, I pray that the Lord will bless and heal the family's hearts so they can adjust to this little boy's death. The obituary in the paper was written so beautifully. I have never seen an obituary worded that particular way and want to thank whoever wrote it. It really touched my heart.

Andrew Tyler's obituary was written by his family.

On the court records for the Sikeston City Court, do you just publish names that are convicted or do you also publish the ones who are found innocent?

By law we are only permitted to publish names of people who are charged or convicted of a crime or traffic incident. For example: If John Doe was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and had a trial date set, his name would appear in the paper. If, however, he is found innocent or his case is dismissed, that information is not published.

Hat's off to the Sikeston Street Department for the work they are doing cleaning up leaves, sweeping the streets and removing road hazard items. I appreciate the work they're doing.