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Speakout - 4/29

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I read this ad in the April 16 USA Today: "A State Department help wanted ad offers U.S. citizens a $1,000-a-day wages to work as a security guard in Iraq with the first $78,000 tax free." I'm sure our soldiers over there would just love to hear stuff like that.

I am calling in response to the person who has to relocate because his home will be demolished for new railroad tracks to be laid in Sikeston. Please leave your number in SpeakOut. I live east of Kingshighway and may be able to help you.

Someone asked, "What will they do with that big Indian that was donated by Paul Akins?" They will throw the damned thing away. If you have room in your back yard, let them know, you idiot!

I am writing abut the tragedy that is going on in the Bell City schools. To the basketball team, boys, you are to be praised for being mature and responsible enough to handle this situation. To coaches Heeb, Asher and Neimzyk, you have done more for our school in the past few years than anyone has ever done. You have made it a family - all for one and one for all. When I was in school, it was "who you were" and "how much money" your family had. Well, thanks to you and the time and effort you put forth, it has all changed. You took boys who could have easily gone astray and turned them into remarkable young men. Thanks to you, they know what it means to have someone they can count on (in each other and in you). Our school has changed for the better and I, for one, applaud you and the great young men on your team. For the people who have kept our town in turmoil and who could cause the team great loss, you're crazy! That team worked many long and hard hours inside the gym and outside to get where they are now. Because you are so petty, you want to destroy them at any cost. Well, get over it. It won't work! Before you judge others, judge yourselves because your closets aren't clutter-free. You don't run our town or our school anymore. Leave it alone. Keep up the good work, coaches!

If someone has lost a little calico mother cat in the vicinity of the 900 block of Stanford St., I have her and her five kittens. Put your number in the paper and I will bring them to you. I don't want to have to call the dog pound, but I will if I have to.

Does anyone realize the new railroad work being done between Illinois and Missouri could just be being made ready for the radioactive payload of the east coast to pass through the middle of country on its way to Yucca Mountain, Nev. It's a big project for war time and that atomic waste needs to be hauled out. St. Louis has only one decontamination chamber at Barnes Hospital but they won't be routing their radioactive mess through there anyhow. How many decontamination chambers does this area have?