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SpeakOut 10-3

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

It is such an overpowering sadness that all these lives had to be lost to bring this country back to what it should be. When we took prayer out of schools, we lost. When they stopped doing the Pledge of Allegiance every day, they lost. When they stopped teaching children the proper respect for the flag, we lost. God's trying to show us something, people. We need to get back to the basics and start teaching our kids from day one the proper respect, how to salute the flag and how to handle the flag. We need to pray every day. If you don't want to pray, that's fine, but they need to stop and allow those that do to pray. They need to open classes with the Pledge of Allegiance. God bless those poor families who lost their loved ones. Let's keep praying for this nation. Not just in time of trouble, but at all times. Especially on the 11th day of every month, we need to take a moment to think of all these people.

I realize and understand that the demand for United States flags is pretty high right now, but I didn't realize it was quite as strong as it was. I came home from church and discovered that our flag had been stolen. It seems like it wouldn't be a very patriotic thing to do, even if they needed a flag that bad.

I was reading in SpeakOut where Madonna was urging President Bush to use restraint and she said that violence begets violence and she wants her and her family to have a long and happy life. I wonder how she would have felt if it were her kid in New York at that time. Everybody seems to be wanting the President to kind of slow down and not retaliate. I think that is so wrong. If you stop to think about it, we're giving them plenty of warning. We're telling them there's going to be a war. They've got plenty of time to move out. I don't think we should even be giving them fair warning. It's not something somebody wants to do, but if you want your children to be safe in your home tonight, we better do something and we better do something quick before the rest of them decide to send another bomb somewhere.

In an article in the Sept. 24 paper, a caller said they were glad George W. Bush was president and not Al Gore. We should all be praying for the situation because as Americans, we all need to come together. It doesn't matter who is president or who would have been president. We just all need to be together as Americans in one accord.

I'm calling about the person who put an ad in the paper about our President. It's like this, you must be one of the terrorists or a friend of the terrorists. I think our President is doing a beautiful job. He's a Christian man and I think he's doing great. This person who wrote in needs to be on his knees and praying for America and for our President instead of putting him down.

If you have firewood for sale, please put your phone number in SpeakOut.

I am looking for someone who can move a portable carport from one house to another for me. I would like to have this done soon. Please call me at 472-3837.

Why in heaven's name, the first time the government needs money, they borrow from Social Security. What do they mean, "borrow?" These Republicans are the most greedy people in the world. They know they will never, ever pay this back. Young people, baby boomers and those who will retire soon are very scared there will be no money there for them. Why don't they cut out their very expensive perks, give some of their high salary and cut out some of the positions that aren't needed. There are so many, many other organizations they can borrow from. Leave our Social Security alone.

The local sports media has done it again. They have once again ranked Jackson over NMCC for the area's top team. This has to be based on them being the biggest school. Well, let me get a message to the media in Jackson. Jackson will never be No. 1 in the area until they play, and beat, NMCC. I know for a fact that NMCC has tried to schedule games with Jackson in years past but they refused to play. Could this be because they are afraid of how they might look in the polls if they were beaten by a 3-D football team? Hmmm.

Why would a certain stupid store manager let his girlfriend run his store? She's run everybody off, all the employees and stuff. That just doesn't make any sense.

This is with regard to the "lumpers" or "bunchers" who grab up dogs and sell them to the man with the Department of Agriculture. I would like to get his number or the numbers of some of the lumpers or bunchers who can get the dog who just runs to the bathroom real quick in my yard. I would like to pass this along to the lumpers or bunchers. Maybe they can catch this damned dog that craps in my yard every day.

I have a solution for all the stolen dogs in town. Why doesn't the Humane Society give all the dogs to these laboratories instead of killing them? Then there's no market. I don't know if anybody has thought about this or not, but that's my solution.

I just read in the Sept. 25 paper and I'm amazed at what they said in the paper, and I'll be even more amazed if you print this. But they're always talking about the Democrats did this - they started holding Clinton responsible for things that happened before he was even elected. Now they're holding him responsible for things that have happened during the present administration. When they say that he's held a burden down on the Republicans, look at what a burden the Republicans held on him when he took office and even beforehand. And they're still saying it's Clinton's fault, everything that happens. One of these days, we've got three more years to go, you'll see that this man is just like an SS trooper. Many of you won't know what an SS trooper is, but if you'll talk to a World War II veteran, you can sure find out real quick. They'd kill their own mother for a dollar. This guy is so money-hungry he couldn't wait. He's been wanting in there for years; that's why he bought it. He bought it for himself down in Florida and now he doesn't know what to do with it now that he's got a little trouble.