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Speakout 3/16

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Please, teach these people the days of the week. They put their trash out on the sidewalk on Wednesday, after the truck has run on Tuesday. It blows all over the block. Keep it in back of your house until pick-up time, please.

My father who lives near 61 and Tanner Road. He just called and said there was a serious wreck there. There have been several accidents there near the gas station. There have been efforts to get things done out there to prevent accidents from happening in the past, but there are still terrible wrecks there. Maybe they should consider putting a flashing light or warning light there.

To all of you politicians, whatever you running for, if you have not spoken to people, just to say "Hello," "How are you?", "How is your family?", "How is your dog?" Stay away. It burns me to see all of these politicians come out from under the woodwork and all of a sudden they're nice, concerned and care. Here's the deal. You are born to be a politician - either you have it or you don't. So for those who are running just because you have the name, have your signs out and sit down, leave it to the real politicians. Just as not everyone is born to be a beautician or a preacher, not everyone is born to be a politician.

I am so glad to see an article on the success of our Sikeston High School graduates. We often hear about problems in Sikeston and problems with youth. The article about Laura Jennings was wonderful and it told about the education she received at Sikeston High School. I think we should feature more graduates to show how far they have come in their careers and made a success of their lives.

The Standard has run many cases where a farmer has a special advantage, but perhaps no other rip-off equals that of swamping grain for vehicles. Not only does this keep the state from getting the sales tax, but it also reduces the farmer's income tax on both state and federal levels and he gets a new vehicle and drives it with gas that has no fuel tax on it and he then complains about the highways.

I can't believe they convicted Martha Stewart for what she did. She might have lied, but at least it was her money and if she wanted to sell her stocks, let her have at it. That isn't half of what Bill and Hillary Clinton did. Hillary never did explain where she got all that money and Bill has all that money. He didn't own a home or car or anything and look at him now. He's a millionaire. Where did he get all his money? He lied when he got up there and testified. He was impeached and they didn't do anything to him. Martha worked hard for what she's got. And the same thing for Bush. They blame him for all the jobs that are lost. What happened to all the jobs lost under Clinton? I can name places where they lost thousands of jobs and that's where they got the money to pay off the big debt, from the people who got their profit sharing and had to pay taxes on it. Every time Bush does anything, it's blamed on him. Just like Sept. 11. He had nothing to do with that and they keep trying to pin that on him, too.