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Speakout 11/26

Friday, November 26, 2004

I know this is a little late since Veterans' Day was Nov. 11, but I want to say that I respect veterans. My father-in-law was a Vietnam veteran and he passed away on Veterans' Day. We miss him a great deal. It is wonderful to have people to fight for our country, fight for America and fight for our freedom. Keep up the good work.

I am a citizen here in Sikeston and noticed two things that I don't think is right. You say you pick up all these animals. I saw a cat ran over and it stayed in the road for about two weeks and rotted in front of Mid-Town Motel. Another cat was in front of Home Oil Company looked like it had just been run over. Animal Control isn't doing anything to pick it up. It has been crushed down to the asphalt. It's a shame. I know Animal Control sees these situations. I see all kinds of opossums on the side of the road or in the road but nothing is done.

How can a town between New Madrid and Lilbourn with a population of 392 justify charging a merchant from $200 to $300 for a business license? I would like to know about laws that can regulate unfairly charging a business an outrageous amount for a license. I have proof that they charge businesses up to $300 for a business license.

I don't know why John Kerry doesn't face the truth. The reason he was defeated was the Vietnam thing he pulled, gay marriages and putting Bush down all the time. The good Christian people saw it and voted for Bush. I know Bush is not the perfect one, but he isn't the cause of people starving their little kids to death, lying there drunk and stealing and killing people they don't even know. Bush is not the cause of that. It's just people who are too ornery to work, lazy and just do things to get their names in the paper.