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Speakout 11/7

Sunday, November 7, 2004

I read the Oct. 29 story about where Judge Dolan sentenced Mr. Simpson to 10 years in prison. I think it's great! If they are caught the first time, second time or third time, they should be sentenced to whatever is allowed. Mr. Siebert, the attorney for Mr. Simpson made the statement that if it was in an affluential subdivision in Sikeston, he would never have faced such serious charges. You always play the trump card, don't you, Mr. Siebert? As far as I'm concerned, if he's in downtown Sikeston, the north side, east side or west side and is selling drugs on any corner in the city of Sikeston, he should be sentenced to the maximum penalty under law. This "getting paper" needs to be stopped. I didn't know that was even a practice. I don't know who Mr. Siebert is, but evidently he has been down this path several times before and the first thing he wants to start hollering is the affluent subdivision, card, and it was just that someone got caught selling drugs and got sentenced for it, which is exactly what Judge Dolan should have done.

In response to the SpeakOut article, "Show some respect" about walking in the cemetery. What if you have elderly people who live on that end of town just a few blocks from the cemetery and they cannot get to the Sports Complex to walk so they walk in the cemetery? They are still showing respect. They're not damaging anything. They are not bothering anybody and you still show respect for the people who are buried out there, even if you are walking.

Somebody lost a green trash can on wheels. They live on the west end of the 900 block of Stanford Street. It came floating down last week during the storm and has sat out in the road for I don't know how long. If you lost one, please come down here and check on the east end of Stanford. It's sat out here in the road for I don't know how long.

I am calling in response to the person who is looking for someone to care for an insulin dependent infant. I also have a son who is insulin dependent and I could care for your child. If you would like to contact me, please leave a phone number in SpeakOut.

What this town needs is a plate of good biscuits and gravy like Bo used to serve. Restaurants in Sikeston who serve breakfast, wake up.

I am concerned about the fact that we always convict a teacher before anything else, any court hearing at all. Last week the Standard ran an article on a teacher accused (and I say, accused) of serious crimes. That teacher hasn't been convicted, yet you named the teacher and the school and you named everything else. You don't do this to other people. We've had lawyers in town who have been convicted of drugs, we've had judges convicted of drug violations, priests on sex violations and you never, ever, ever mentioned that before. Why teachers?

We're not sure what world you live in but we report arrests and list names. Period!

What bank is financing the new Walgreens that's coming to Sikeston? We all love Walgreens and the bank needs a big thank you.

To the person calling my cellular phone and blocking the number, I know who you are. Stop calling and then not say anything or I will report you. I know who you are.