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Speakout 4/14

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I heard that a new place called Crossroads is coming to town. I have a disabled family member and I've never heard of it. What providers are out there and who can we contact to get the choice list and what kind of process happens when new agencies come to town? I'm really concerned about the disabled citizens of this community. Who is the director of the Sikeston Regional Center and how can we contact her and her superiors. This is crucial. We need information to protect people in the community and also to protect the community from people.

You can contact Director Lynn Feeler at the Sikeston Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities, 112 Plaza Drive; (800) 497-4647. To find the center's website, go to a search engine and type in: Sikeston Missouri Regional Center.

I read articles last year about the girls' soccer team and again this year about the team. I notice that every time there is an article in the paper, it seems like the same three or four girls are always mentioned. Aren't there any other players that can be mentioned once in awhile? Or is this team only of three or four players. It would be nice to give them some acknowledgement too because they practice and are at the games too. It would be nice to let them know their efforts are appreciated too.

If anyone is collecting Betty Crocker point coupons from products, I have a lot to give away. Leave your number in SpeakOut and I will call you.

To the person who commented in the April 7 SpeakOut to end the war, not everyone in Iraq hates Americans. Most of the people in Iraq appreciate us for bringing peace and democracy to them. Our soldiers have worked with the Iraqi people and have done so much good in bringing peace to the world. This person needs to talk with some of our soldiers who are very proud of the work they are doing over there. They are not complaining. They realize they have a very important mission toward world peace. President Bush is doing the best he can. Do you just expect him to let terrorists bring down our country? Freedom isn't free. You need to realize that.

What was the Missouri Department of Conservation thinking when they scheduled the youth turkey hunt for April 10 and Easter Sunday? Where were their heads stuck when they scheduled it on Easter Sunday? They showed thoughtlessness and poor taste, to say the least.

To the person who wondered if they were the only person who wants Sikeston and Miner to merge. Yes, you are. Why should we take on the problems of the other community?

I am calling about the noise ordinance too. I also have signs on my street about the noise ordinance that says the law will be enforced. The police do come out here too, but it seems that for every other car they stop and issue a ticket, the next car will come by booming again. It's usually the same ones over and other. Until the judge makes the people start paying the fines or towing their cars, it's not going to stop. The police can only do so much and they are doing all they can do. They stop one car and the next one comes booming down the street while they still have the first one stopped.

I am trying to locate an orthopedic surgeon who accepts Medicaid in the Sikeston, Poplar Bluff and Cape Girardeau area. Please leave the information in SpeakOut.