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Speakout 3/31

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

To the party who wants to park at the new dialysis building, do you realize that half the people who go in there for dialysis are on walking canes? They have to be helped in. Some are in wheelchairs and besides that, the doctor's office over there takes up more than their share of the parking places. Sometimes when I go out there, there isn't even anywhere to park so I can take my patient in.

In regards to the intersections being cleaned in Miner, Miner only has two city employees and they are unable to tend to this kind of work.

To the person who said Audie Murphy was in the National Guard, you better get a book and read up on Audie Murphy. He was too young to be in the National Guard. When World War II came along, he tried to get in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps but couldn't get in because of his size and his health. He finally did get into the U.S. Army and was in the 3rd Infantry Division that went into North Africa invasion. He also won the Congressional Medical of Honor and the biggest the honor that the French could give a foreigner. You need to read up on Audie Murphy. He was not in the National Guard.

To the person who said the National Guard was the oldest branch of service in the U.S., I beg your pardon. The Marine Corps of 1775. The National Guard (with that name) did not come into service until 1916. You're wrong. Read the facts on the computer.

This is response to the person who said they were gay. The caller said they believe in God and are happy the way they are. This comment is not to judge you, but the devil also believes in God. Please do not be deceived. Being a parent is one of the greatest blessings. May you one day be blessed with one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive.

I read where someone is looking for a commercial popcorn popper. I have one for sale. Call me on my cell phone at (573) 380-4087.

George W. Bush is wasting his money on these ads. Thank God we have mute buttons on our remote.

Tell me who to contact to find out how many police hours you need to be a dispatcher for the Portageville Police Department. I have 280 hours and was turned down for the job.

We suggest you contact the City of Portageville Personnel Department.

The Fraternal Order of Police is sending out letters saying you have pledged a donation to them. This is the second year this has happened to me. The envelope has my mother's name on it (she lives in Florida) and inside it said I pledged $30 in February. I ran into the same thing last year, called the number on the package and it's not the Fraternal Order of Police, but some kind of charity-raising agency they are using fraudulently in the name of the police. I just wanted to warn people about this.

Local police have advised us that it isn't an organization they support or benefit from.