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Speakout 2/17

Monday, February 18, 2002

Can you put a phone number or location in the paper where tickets to "Godspell" will be sold and how much they are?

Tickets are $5. Call the center at 481-0255 or Lynn Colley at 471-6888 for more information.

I am a member of Gates family and would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for all their support and help since the accident on Jan. 1. Thank you.

I'm calling concerning a needy family who needs a refrigerator and things for their home. These people are in need of things for their home. They have a small son. Anyone who would like to help can call me at 667-5742. Any help would be appreciated.

This is to Ann Landers. Ann, someone is always telling you about different things. Has anyone written to you about are you soft-soaping God? If so, please put it in the paper.

Someone needs to take better care of the laundromat in Oran. I try to do clothes there. I used about $3 and finally I checked the dryer and the clothes weren't even hot. I needed the clothes dried and the lint off of them because I have no dryer at home. Will you please fix them so other people won't have the same problem? We need a laundromat where we can depend on getting clothes done right.

Who can Sikeston citizens turn to in city government and ask not to grant Charter TV a 10- or 20-year contract? That would only guarantee the long term inferior programming. Charter gets higher priced all the time, offers too much advertising, too much violence and sex movies, there are no good movies available. Charter canceled KETC public television, which does not offer country gardens, travel shows, British comedies or other decent shows that are not children's shows.

If the rules would be reversed and Steve Shoemaker had been turning left and the woman's car had been passing at a high rate of speed and Steve Shoemaker wasn't working in law enforcement, would Evelyn have gotten off free with no charges? I don't think so. She would have been charged with manslaughter. I think this should be looked at from the citizens' perspective, not just the law makers. We as citizens knew how the outcome would be, so we are not shocked - just angry.

I read the article in the Feb. 10 paper about the police report on the accident on New Year's Day. You people make me sick as a dog to my stomach. That poor woman was probably the only one out of the whole bunch that was doing the speed limit. And as far as the one who hit them, why were you in a rush anyway when there was a state patrol officer sitting behind the stolen truck anyway? What was the big deal anyway when there was one policeman already up there to take care of the stolen truck?