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Speakout 3/12

Friday, March 12, 2004

Poor work practices

I am calling in about construction workers and the people who work around homes to get them fixed up. Am I the only one in the area who has the same problem as I did? I had people redo my roof and other work in my house recently and they were slobs. They were not very professional, left papers and wires, they drilled holes and stuff went all over my furniture. Am I the only person this has happened to, or has the nightmare continued through the area? What can we do about this when we're under the mercy of the contractors? They get a very poor name and now I know why. I am a victim of repair work and would like to know if there are other victims. What can we do about it without being charged for more work or vandalism afterward?

Someone lost an object out of an automobile about 10 a.m. March 1 on Highway 62 just going under the overpass. Identify it at Auto Trim and Design and we will give it to you.

I graduated in 1979 from Sikeston High School. Is there going to be a class reunion this year (it's 25 years). If not, how come? Who's in charge of this kind of stuff?

After reading all the crap about the land reclamation, restoring Sunset and how money needs to be obtained for the rehabilitation of Sikeston, de ja vu in the March 1 newspaper there was an article about tearing down and what not. Then in the Looking Back column, in 1994, "Sikeston unanimously approved a Block Grant for $150,000 to rebuild 15-20 homes." Divide that by 20 and see how much it cost. The same houses have been misused and abused and they're tearing them down and clearing the land. How many billions of dollars has Sikeston received over the years to rebuild that part of town? They didn't succeed so they're tearing them down and building new ones again.

I don't know who passed the pocket for the billboards, but if the government gave us the grant to put those trees there, surely they can get them trimmed. But the billboards are a pain also because people are reading them and not concentrating on driving. Cut out the billboards. By the way, Mr. Engineer, the cross-over on 60 by the trucking company, who engineered that catastrophe? Every time you turn around the signs are knocked over because of the trucks turning. Waste our money again, DOT. Instead of worrying about trees, you should worry about safety and where the money should be put. If the Department of Transportation starts cutting down our trees, I'll be out there with a sign protesting it. Keep our trees.

To the person who called in about Scott Central retired teachers returning to the classroom, instead of calling SpeakOut it might be a good idea if you used your time to volunteer at school to help the students like the retired coach and teachers are. They are helping the students to get in better shape. Any school would gladly accept your volunteer help.

Homer Oliver and Jim Blumenberg picked the ideal spot for their immigrant housing because it is in the west end of a town in Mississippi County.

Summer is coming and the mosquitoes get bad at the Complex. If they put gourds out there with martin birds, who would eat the mosquitoes, that could help.

I think restaurants and fast-food places should require their cooks to wear hats and gloves before touching a customer's food. I watched them touch appliances and other items in the restaurant and then prepare a sandwich for a customer without washing their hands. That is so nasty! They need to stop this.

A few years ago in Sikeston there was a place where you could go and exercise that had body-toner tables (I can't remember the name of the place). Is there such a place in Sikeston now? Please leave the information in SpeakOut.