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Speakout 8/20

Friday, August 20, 2004

I can see how the Antichrist will rule. I was talking to a relative who said she doesn't agree with Kerry on homosexuality or same-sex marriage. But she liked what he said about jobs. Forget about murder. Forget about abomination. Just give us jobs. Money. We will sell our souls for jobs. God help any Christian who votes for Kerry just because he is a Democrat. Forget Democrat, Republican. Look at what the person stands for. I feel sorry for die-hard Democrats.

I read in the newspaper where Miner also has zero tolerance for trash in yards and junk vehicles. Does that apply to everyone in Miner or just a certain few? The man in charge of the new subdivision in Miner has two or three empty lots out there full of junk vehicles, old lumber and junk dump trucks and a little bit of everything. They haven't said anything to him or done anything to him. Does this rule apply to everyone or just a few?

SpeakOut can't answer your question. Call Miner City Hall at 471-8520.

In response to the Aug. 10 SpeakOut comment, "Who's next?" Red's Bar has been closed and, due to the owner passing on, no opening is available at this time.

Red's Bar has been closed since March. Get a life! Are you blind, or just ignorant?

Section 8, rent to own and payday loans are all bad for Sikeston and the local economy. Thanks, Mike Marshall, for sticking to your guns on the code violations.

Mr. Jensen, I pay my subscription for a newspaper, not for a little CD. Please don't send me any more.

In regard to the Aug. 10 SpeakOut, "National politics," I have news for you. Not all of the boys who came back from their tour of duty in Iraq were from Dexter but some were from other towns too. You need to get your stuff straight.

School has started and Christmas will be here soon. Does anybody know where the ABC store is located at now if it has reopened?

The ABC store closed because the building it was renting was torn down.

Some time in the next six months, Sikeston should expect to seek for Scott County and New Madrid County the decriminalization and use of marijuana in the area.