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Friday, November 2, 2001

You who called in and blamed the war on President Bush, get real. He had nothing to do with this. I guess you would let this maniac bomb all the good things we have in this country. Please think about this. Any person would not take this. After all, they killed 7,000 innocent people and ruined our great buildings and now are spreading anthrax to people who have never done any harm to them. This is not right.

I'm calling to reply to an article that made reference to Bush wanting to give food and money to the Afghan people. The caller just really laid in on Bush. My opinion is that the American people are not fighting a war with the Afghan people; we are fighting a war against terrorism and to defend our ideas. And our ideas are that all humans have the right to live in happiness and not be forced into poverty. Who is it of us to condemn all those innocent people and if anybody we can save and make their lives better, isn't that what we're really fighting for? If we're just trying the kill the human race of a whole country, then what are we fighting for? If we do that, then we're just as bad if not worse than the people we're fighting.

I would like to thank the Miner Baptist Church and its members for the wonderful program they put on last week, "Judgement Day." Members of my church and I went there and we enjoyed the program very, very much. I would like to thank all the people who took part, especially the young people. To my understanding, there were more than 200 people who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and that wasn't the final count. I wish we could see more programs like this because we need it with the situation the world is in today.

Hats off and a big thank you to Sen. Jean Carnahan for sponsoring the Consumer Right to Know Act. In this day and age with all the foolishness that's going on, it's important for us to know where our food comes from. This law not only lets us know where our food is from, but gives us the power to buy products made in the Good Old USA. It's about time we had someone representing us who cares about regular folks instead of big corporations. Thank you, Mrs. Carnahan.

I'm in desperate need of help. I want to say to all the real estate agents that I spoke to all day long on Wednesday, I was telling you what I was going through, that my landlord was supposed to get the water up out of my floor. That's why they have insurance to take care of this. They still have not. My whole floor is soaking wet. I've only had one real estate dealer to tell me they shouldn't have to fix it, but that's the one my landlord works for. If anyone has any legal advice for me, please put something in the paper. All I'm guilty of is paying my rent but I cannot get the landlord to do anything. Please pray for us that our landlord will come around and if you have any advice for us, please put it in the paper. I'm drowning in water in the house.