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Speakout 5/5

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Someone called in about the school bus driver honking the horn on Missouri Avenue. The best advice I could offer to you is to move or shut up. Apparently you don't have children or you would appreciate the courtesy of the driver honking the horn because the buses do tend to run at different times.

Mr. Jensen, in your smarty-pants response to Phil Barkett's letter to the editor, I will agree with you on one thing. "Unfortunately, some people wouldn't know fair and balanced if it hit them in the head," and you're one of them.

I would like to SpeakOut about how dangerous Highway HH has become over the last few years. The intersection of HH, ZZ and 61 is way too congested during some parts of the day. It definitely needs a 4-way stop there because of the large amount of traffic waiting to cross the intersection at certain times of the day. I have noticed several wrecks over the years since the new I-55 interchange and manufacturing plants have been built on roads feeding the interchange. The speed limit on HH is 55 mph. This is OK for the stretch from Highway 61 and North Ingram Road, but when you hit North Ingram Road, you run into another intersection. I believe HH should be divided by a 4-way stop at HH and Ingram Road; the sections between North Ingram and H Highway should have a markedly lower speed limit due to the large increase of traffic on this section and the large amount of residential areas with roads joining HH. With the speed limit the way the road is and the way it is set up, traffic going at 55 mph is too dangerous because of all the people making turns into the residential areas.

I am looking for a two-seater bike. If anyone has one, please put the information and phone number in SpeakOut.