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Political speeches lack real substance

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I was reading early this morning some of the national wire service news about the presidential campaign. The wires are understandably packed with political news these days and will be for a couple of months.

And here's a brief wrap-up on the discussions. Kerry and Cheney both made comments on gay marriage, there remains the debate on who should pay more taxes and who should pay less taxes and there's the ongoing dispute over Kerry's war record. Then there's a new poll on which candidates' wife is more popular (Laura Bush by a landslide) and the impact of the candidates' children on young voters. And that pretty well sums up the news cycle of the day.

But where is the discussion on how to encourage those receiving massive government benefits each month to gain some respect and initiative and get a job? Where is the discussion on how to control medical costs for Medicaid and Medicare recipients? Where is the discussion on how to break the logjam of judicial appointments stalled in Congress?

Believe me, these issues are much more important than war records or gay marriage. These are issues, in my opinion, that will truly shape the future of America. But the reason, I believe, these topics get little attention is because they are largely without a solution. And when a politician cannot offer a potential solution, they remain silent.

I fear there are some issues in this country that may have passed the point of solution. We may have to accept that a large percentage of the population will never achieve success. They will fail not because of a lack of opportunity but rather because of a lack of initiative. And abuses in the health delivery system will continue because we open our taxpayer pocketbooks with virtually no limits for those seeking medical attention, regardless of the merit or actual need. Maybe it's just time we accept some of these realities.

And so the discussion will delve into a war long over in a land long forgotten. We'll spend massive attention to a definition of middle class and which candidate is helping or harming this mysterious segment of the population. But the solutions will be lost in the rhetoric of the season. It's no wonder half of the population ignores the political process.

Here's what I want a candidate to say.

"We have far too many people in this nation who are not pulling their weight. And we need all Americans who are able and healthy to produce their fair share of the labor that makes this nation so great. From this moment forward we will no longer subsidize those who are able to provide for themselves. We will no longer pay for a lifestyle that is slowly ruining the entire country. We will assure jobs to those physically and mentally able to work. These jobs may not be glamorous but they will provide an income in return for a service. And through this process we will return self-respect and self-reliance to this nation."

That candidate has my vote.

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