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Michael in the news is not really news

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I could best be described as a news junkie because I devour items in the news each and every day. Granted, that's part of my job. But were it not my job I still think I would find a fascination with all things current.

But Monday morning as I began to read my morning wake-up array of news from around the world, one item came up time and time again. From London to New York, the wire services were topping the news day off with the announcement that Michael Jackson had fired his two attorneys and was now being represented by yet another high profile legal mind. Now folks, if that's the top news story of the day, we're in deep trouble.

The fact of the matter is that I couldn't care less about Sir Michael's latest molestation trial or allegation. I don't care if he takes a goat for a bride. And I assume most of us are sick and tired of the weird antics of the plastic superstar. But what sincerely troubles me is this fascination within the media of the daily comings and goings of Mr. Jackson.

I recognize and understand the universal explanation for the Jackson coverage. People are tired of Iraq, they do not and cannot understand the coverage of the economy and the presidential contest has turned into a daily drone of who said what and when and to whom. So given this news snooze, we apparently are forced to turn to Michael Jackson. It's one of those water cooler stories - the kind the people in the workforce will be talking about tomorrow around the water cooler.

Here's the only thing that really interests me about the Michael Jackson story. If there's been that much smoke through the years, I assume there's some fire behind these stories. And regardless of his friends in high places, I wouldn't at all mind seeing Michael Jackson carted off to prison to spend a few years. But who knows what will happen?

As I dug a bit deeper into the news, I noticed ample items of a much more pressing nature and of much, much greater importance to your life and mine. But these lost tidbits of news were buried beneath a dozen pictures of His Weirdness and his attorneys - past, present and future.

But alas, here's the sad reality. If the public would simply ignore Jackson and his entourage, maybe the media would let this news slip back to the tabloids where it belongs. But apparently the public - whoever the hell they are - are more interested in Michael Jackson than Dick Cheney, et. al. And until that changes, be prepared for more on Michael.

And who knows, there may still be a dozen or so molested children yet to surface. Either way, it promises to be a long, hot summer.

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