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Speakout 8/18

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I would like to thank God for sending me another angel, Debbie, a nurse who works for the Semo Health Network. She is so nice and helpful and really cares about her patients. I would nominate her for Nurse Appreciation Day.

I would like to thank the Sikeston Area Economic Opportunity Corporation (DAEOC) for having its School Days program. It made the children happy. Thanks to everyone who participated.

A criminal to me, by my definition, would be a person who robs people of their possessions or a member of society who intends to inflict damage and cause conflict with other people. By society's standard, some people are criminals after they receive citations for drug charges, trafficking, possession or distributing charges and those who can't take the "hint" and buckle down after they have been put in treatment centers or whatever chances they have been given to not do drugs. Then some mess up where they are put into correctional facilities, where drugs are just as available and definitely flowing in the jails, regardless of the checks that are done there. There are still plenty of drugs in the prison system. That's why I believe it is up to the people and citizens, if they can agree people deserve 30-40 years in jail for drug charges, that they need to vote on a change for people who are first-time or repeat offenders. A treaty needs to be made on the War on Drugs. We are involved in enough other conflict now with terrorists. The United States' people should not wage war on its own people. Many of us do like drugs and rely on drugs to make life more fun, regardless if they are all legal and people do them until they pass out.

What happened to the program in the Sikeston Housing Authority that if a tenant's child got caught with drugs, they would be kicked out of the housing authority? Or if you're on Section 8 and your boyfriend gets caught with drugs, they find drugs and guns in your house and you are still on Section 8? This is not right.

Hero among us

I live on Ruth Street and want to commend the men who called in a fire that was next door to my home. He has served on the Sikeston Fire Department for years and when we went over there to try to let them know the house next door was on fire in the basement, I guess they just got mean and just told them to "Get back! Get back!" I don't remember his name, but I want to thank him for reporting it because I didn't know it was on fire. It could have caught my house on fire. He's about 70 years old; I guess he's from the old school and was very knowledgeable which is very important. I think the DPS Fire Department should honor him and recognize him.

I am looking for a record called, "Go, Johnny Go" by Johnny (or John) and the Spoonbills. Call 380-2990 if you have it.