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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

Speakout 4/26

Monday, April 26, 2004

I just saw the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed at a fast-food restaurant. I was waiting for my food and I saw back into the kitchen. The kid who was preparing the food was wearing gloves, but he wiped his nose and then went right back to fixing the sandwich. When I saw that, I just drove off. I had already paid for my food but didn't get it. I just drove on through. I could not believe it!

You need to call the restaurant manager and let him or her know what day and time you were.

I live in a new house and consider myself a perfect tenant, but now I have to move because the railroad company is going to run a track through here and the house has to be demolished. If anyone on the east side of Kingshighway has a nice house for rent, please let me know because we only have a certain amount of time to relocate.

My friend Wayne Corse won the local division at the Dogwood-Azalea Festival 5K run one more time. He has a sore back and pinched nerves and the Cape Roadrunners came down with all these T-shirts that said "Stop Wayne" on the front of the shirts. If that isn't mean! Cindy Sprague was just making a point of trying to beat him one time while he's hurt. She did, but Wayne still beat every contestant in Mississippi County. He's still the 5 kilometer stud.

Someone was wanting to get poke greens. Call me at 471-2978 and I'll pick some for you.

In a recent SpeakOut, someone was giving their political views about 9/11 and who was to blame. They also said people were being compensated millions of dollars for loss of their loved ones and inferred they should be happy with that. Try telling that to the people who have lost someone. Ask if the money makes them overcome their loss. How cruel and insensitive a remark that would put a monetary value on a victim's head!

I would like to thank the guy who drives a green Blazer who works on vending machines by the old DeWitt Company. He was so nice. I was getting ready to walk home and he gave me a ride. I thank God that we still have angels left in Sikeston.