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Speakout 9/14

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I am calling about access for handicapped people. Most places are pretty good, however, there is one place in Sikeston that does not have a front entrance for handicapped customers. You have to go in the back entrance by the dishwasher, by the mess and garbage. I am appalled at that. I would think the restaurant owner would be more considerate of his handicapped patrons and not make them come in the back door where the garbage goes in and out and where the dishes are done. I don't know how many in Sikeston does this, but this is how our most favorite restaurant does. We don't mean to be ugly about it because we love to eat there.

Do you have any idea when the City of Sikeston is going to have its fall clean-up?

Monday and Thursday clean-ups will be Sept. 20 and 23; Tuesday and Friday pickups will be collected on Sept. 28 and Oct. 1.

One of the ways John Kerry and the Democrats will stop jobs from leaving the U.S. is to stop giving tax incentives and perks to companies that move jobs offshore. Instead, they will offer incentives to the companies who keep jobs here in our own country. That's smart policy from the people who are more concerned about helping American workers than the corporate fat cats who stuff their pockets at the expense of average citizens who struggle more and more to support their families and pay their bills.

I would like for the person from New Madrid who called about a 25-inch console TV to put a phone number in the paper. I would like to give you a call.

We were blessed with good friends who had great tickets for the Presidential visit to Poplar Bluff. One of them is a Democrat, but he was as thrilled as could be to see the President. That was a monumental moment in the history of Southeast Missouri. Personally, I am still in awe that each of us actually got to shake the hand and look President Bush right in the eye. When a politician will do that there has to be deep warmth, conviction and dedication to his agenda for the United States. I'm wondering when it will all really sink in, that this all really happened to "me," a little minnow in the pond of life.

In the Sept. 8 Standard Democrat, Michael Jensen said we should "swell with pride" because of the visit of President Bush to this area. When Clinton visited the area in 1996, I wonder if he used the words "swell with pride" regarding the Clinton visit. Can someone go back and check. I'll bet Jensen didn't use these words when Clinton visited.