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Speakout 5/7

Friday, May 7, 2004

Here is a typical profile of many people in the Sikeston area who are dumb enough to protest the use of using a helmet when operating a motorcycle. They don't have a steady job and have lots of unpaid bills. However, they manage to maintain a motorcycle and the entire garb that makes them look "real cool" on their "Hog." They don't think twice about not having any liability or health insurance. What happens when they get all kinds of serious injuries because they are too stupid to wear a helmet? You guessed it. The taxpayer pays all their expenses through Medicaid and Medicare. Before these idiots take off their helmets and give the finger to common sense, they should be required to visit the Medicaid office and sign a form to the effect that if they get hurt through their own stupidity by not wearing a helmet, they will not make any claim for health care benefits that society has to pay for. They are then free to scramble their brains (what little they have) all over the highway, and enjoy the freedom they desperate demand to have. We can enjoy our freedom of no1t being their healthcare provider.

If the Missouri Legislature really wanted to help children, they would start by following in California's footsteps and outlaw smoking in cars while children are in them.

To the caller who made points about John Kerry winning the medals, that is true. It is also true that he threw them back to the people. Evidently he thought very little of them. So, why do you?

Here's some more info on Colin Carter from Matthews. He graduated in 1952 from high school here and had an older brother named John Carter. He played a lieutenant in the Barnaby Jones TV series and was also in several other movies. He still lives in California.

I read in your paper about New Madrid County roads needing improvement. I travel to Sikeston every day and the roads around Canalou and Matthews are really improving. So keep up the good work. Do the commissioners really know what a good staff they have?