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SpeakOut 10/10

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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I would like to thank Sheriff Rick Walter for bringing down a group of trustees to Sikeston to clean up after the Cotton Carnival Parade. It's a disgrace to see the trash some people left up and down Malone Avenue. I remember a commercial when I was younger about an Indian standing on the side of the road, a bag of trash lands at his feet, and the next picture is of the Indian standing there with a tear in his eye. We need to pick up after ourselves and teach our children and grandchildren not to litter. Sikeston is a beautiful city, we need to keep it that way. I would also like to thank Dennis Ziegenhorn and anyone else that helped make this happen. Marty Presley

Our government never ceases to amaze me. We have soaring poverty and unemployment among our American people, while at the same time, we have a policy of allowing an ever increasing foreign population into our country to "do the jobs Americans won't do." Obviously the jobs are here, so why would our government pay Americans welfare while encouraging foreigners to work? The reason we have a welfare/unemployment problem and a legal/illegal alien problem in his country is because big business rewards our politicians for doing nothing about either. Don't believe the assertions that "foreigners do the jobs Americans won't do." That simply isn't true. If big business paid a wage commensurate with the job, (i.e. the more undesirable the job, the greater the wage) they would have no problem filling those jobs. Big business wants an alien workforce because they will work for unconscionably low wages that are subsidized by our government through various welfare programs. Many Americans get more money sitting at home waiting for "the government check" than they can earn doing the jobs performed by foreigners. Big business gets cheap labor. Lazy Americans get paid for doing nothing. Politicians get re-elected for making both possible. That means Mr. and Mrs. Working Class American are forced to subsidize the legal/illegal aliens, lazy Americans, big business and politicians. If our government stopped subsidizing the low wages paid by big business to foreign labor, and stopped foreigners from taking jobs that Americans can and should do, unemployment and welfare would end. With no economic benefit here, foreigners would stay in their homelands and force social/economic changes there. Talk about improving the quality of life for Mr. and Mrs. Working Class American! Vote out all politicians until we get a group who will fix this problem.

I'd like to comment about the person who put down the East Prairie Police Department and the married couple. I'm from East Prairie and I thought it was a fine idea. If that person is too gutless to give his or her name, they need to get a job in East Prairie and do the work themselves. That's all I have to say.

I'm calling in behalf of all the people who don't have insurance in Missouri and who are living with low-income pay. We don't all make $25 an hour like some of these doctors and hospitals think we do. They sure make it hard on people that have to go to the hospital and doctor. Rather than work with the people, they would rather turn them over to the collection agency and ruin their credit. There's going to be a lot of people paying in the hereafter for what they are doing to people who are barely making it. I'm a Christian and I believe people should help people when they have hard times. When they lose jobs, instead of letting them lose everything they have, they should help them out.