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SpeakOut 8/13

Friday, August 13, 2004

Call 471-6636

I am sick of both Democrats and Republicans. I have never seen so many Republicans' name calling being so vicious. Democrats just want to make life wonderful for the lazy and worthless who refuse to work. Republicans are even attacking the politicians' wives for being married to the. Then these accusers are trying to gain your vote by appealing to your "Christian side?" What hypocrites! As far as Hillary staying married to Clinton, what right do any of us have to judge why she is still there? It's nobody's business. Laura Bush has stayed with her husband through his drinking problems. Cheney's wife is still with him through all his Halliburton dealings. I know of Mississippi and Scott counties that sat on church boards while having or had affairs. Both sides are taking $75 million in tax money to finish their campaigns. Look how costly the conventions are. Most in office are career politicians who only listen to big companies. Look at the supposedly prescription drug coverage. Guess who came up with that? Drug and insurance companies won on that. Medicare recipients lost, big time. Neither party can claim they are better than the next. They are both in it for themselves. If you are a welfare recipient or make over a $100,000 a year, you can win. The rest of us are up the creek without a paddle. Oh, I forgot - big farmers. They have to vote Republican to keep their big welfare checks. You show me a candidate who is in there to help the middle class and ignores lobbyists and big companies' favors, and I will vote that way. Too bad there are none.

It appears that the mayor and all members of the City Council must have been taking a nap at the same time. According to the Standard Democrat, the Department of Public Safety purchased two new SUVs that cost $1,300 (per vehicle) more than a police car. There appeared to be no debate on these vehicles. How much will it cost for gasoline and other maintenance costs to operate the SUVs compared to a police car? Since a tax increase was recently approved, the city employees will find good causes to spend the tax money. I suggest that the mayor and City Council create a schedule for naps so at least one elected official is awake during the spending of public funds.

Cost is one factor in a decision. Utilization of the vehicle is equally important. There was ample discussion on these vehicles and a split vote on their purchase.

I read an article in the Standard Democrat that talks about the Redneck Barbecue. Is this sponsored by the KKK, Knights of Columbus or who? We have black people who would like to enter the contest. Is it for members only?

The Annual Redneck Barbecue is sponsored by the Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo. The contest is open to anyone who wants to enter, however this year's entry deadline was Aug. 6. This information was included in recent news articles in the Standard Democrat. The Redneck Barbecue will be held again next year and you are welcome to enter then. SACC will have entry forms available.

Since these people contribute so much to the community, I guess it's too much to ask of them to sack their garbage and not burn it in the alleys.

The next time this happens, you should call DPS at 471-4711. All information will be kept confidential.