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Your view: On the ballot

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

It was good news to hear that the Constitution Party gained enough signatures here in Missouri to be on the ballot Nov.2nd. This gives us conservative advocates of third parties a clear choice on election day. The argument that a vote for a third party candidate is "wasted vote" is part of the "lesser of two evils philosophy".

I'm a member of the Prohibition Party, America's oldest third party still in existence. Unfortunately it will not be on the Missouri ballot Nov.2nd.

As vice-chairman of the Prohibition National Committee and Prohibition committeeman for Missouri and as a conservative, my support must go to those candidates whose views are the closest to the principles of the Prohibition Party Platform. I have found very few differences between the platform of the Prohibition Party and that of the Constitution Party.

Therefore I endorse the candidates running for election on the Constitution Party ticket on Nov. 2.

I will vote for other party candidates for those offices not on the Constitution ballot.

Richard D. Swift

Prohibition National Committee