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Speakout 11/30

Thursday, November 30, 2006

When the Missouri Highway Department resurfaced Interstate 57 I was so hopeful that would solve all the problems. But there are potholes again, the concrete is falling apart again. Resurfacing really didn't do anything. Somehow you have to build up the foundation of Interstate 57 so it doesn't continue to fall apart.

I was reading the article about the state school. Yeah, I would want to hang onto that school if I was them, too. Those parents that are getting special services for their children, which I understand have behavioral problems according to this article, you've got one teacher per 6 students and 2 plus aides per classroom. You've got a ratio of one to two students per person all day long. That's pretty darn good odds.

I live in New Madrid. I'd like to find out what is going on in this town. There is a haze and a burning smell, you can't even get outside your door. You can't get out of your car. It looks like you are in a fog. Somebody undoubtedly is burning something illegally somewhere. I'm calling for someone in the city of New Madrid to find out what is going on. People in this town have asthma, COPD and it's killing us. Someone find out and contact the proper authorities and get this stopped.

Sikeston will be getting some good paying minimum wage jobs now since minimum wage is going to go up. That's just exactly what we needed. We don't need no factories that might pay $10 or $12 an hour. We need some fast food restaurants, rent to own, things of that nature. Good paying minimum wage jobs. I'm happy.

I have been trying to locate a cousin. Her name is Camille Stone. I have called all the nursing homes around, but no luck. If someone knew her, or knows her, could you please put in SpeakOut so I can know? I am wondering if she passed away. Please help if you can.