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Monday, September 10, 2001

I am very proud of the paper I received on Aug. 30 with the write-up and the pictures of the ball teams of Southeast Missouri. It is tremendous and I am so very proud that you went to all this trouble to make such a wonderful paper for us. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I look forward to it every week. Thank you and keep up the good work. I'm proud of you and I'm proud of Sikeston.

I was in the doctor's office today and heard an employee talk to a lady like a dog. There was a room full of people too. This will be looked into by someone. We may need your help, but we are human beings.

I saw on the news where the officer in Dexter was allowed to walk from the jail to the courthouse and all this other good stuff with no handcuffs. It was an average person who is accused of the things he's accused of, would they be walking around without handcuffs on?

Over here in East Prairie, I would just like to say I think the police force here sucks. I was getting gas across from the high school and saw five teen-agers standing there smoking. The police car drove right through the parking lot and waved at them. I think that's poor. They just passed a new law that if a police officer sees a teen-ager under age 18 smoking, he is supposed to take the cigarettes away from them and give them a fine. The officer waved at them and kept driving on. If that wasn't laziness - that could have been $1,000 bucks put up into some kind of fund to help our young kids and the citizens here in East Prairie. I guess he didn't know it was a new law that was passed.

I see where Jimmy Carter and Rosalind went in to talk to Bush. He wanted Bush to put a 19 percent import fee on lumber coming out of Canada. Well, Bush went along with it. That shows Carter likes that money too. He acts like a wolf in sheep's clothing. That's what's going to make the housing cost about $1,000 more for every child. Like old George Wallace said years ago, you put Republicans and Democrats in a sack, shake them up and pull them out; you've got about the same thing. I blame Bush for giving in to him. Greedy, greedy, greedy.

I see cars all over town with "for sale" signs in their windows and parked in people's front yards. Sure does make the town look trashy. Is this legal under city ordinances? If this is not allowed, let's have the police put a stop to it. If it is legal, Mr. Mayor, please make illegal. Mr. Jensen, I have been for your editorials about cleaning up the town. How about doing what you can to stop the above practice?

Thanks, Dad, for the birthday gifts for us. It was just like last year's birthdays and Christmas. You claim you love us but the only one you love is the one who lives with you. Thanks a lot.

This is in rebuttal to the Republican who always calls Clinton "Slick Willie." President Bush has backed up on a whole lot of things he promised the people when he got elected. Another thing, about Texas, you can see farther in Texas and not see anything in any place in the world. Texas has more cows and less filth than any place you can see. Also, Texas has bigger rivers and less water than any place in the world. Tell me all about Texas, will you? Bigger is not always better.