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Monday, August 27, 2001

I'm calling in about Highway 60. I hope that while they're out there working on it, they manage to resurface those two little bridges that they supposedly patched last year. It didn't do any good and they wasted taxpayer money. Hopefully they'll get it right this year.

Mike Jensen's editorial on Aug. 15 was right on point with reference to an oil shortage. There was enough oil in the United States in Alaska in oil fields but production was cut back and exploration and development was stopped by the United States government in order to keep the U.S. dependent on Mid-East oil so it could always be said the U.S. should protect this interest in the Mid-East as a matter of foreign policy. That is why there was a Persian Gulf War. Wake up, America.

I overheard a former teacher today saying that she had applied for and was interviewed for a teaching position in Sikeston. She was not hired. I wonder why. She's a good teacher. My child had her. What's wrong with the people who are doing the hiring in Sikeston? Is that why we can't get or keep good teachers?

Why are the gas prices going up? I only make $170 a week and have to drive at least three miles to town. It's hard for me to pay $50 a week just to fill my car up. I'm not going to be able to work if these prices keep going up. I may as well quit work and go back on welfare. I made it better on welfare than I am since I'm working. If you keep raising these prices, I'm leaving town. It's ridiculous.

I would like to say thanks to the Sikeston Police Department. I think they're doing a good job. Over here where I live at, Scott Manor, thanks for driving by and making sure everybody's OK when you do. I just want to tell you guys thanks.

Smiles are free

This is the rudest town I have ever seen. So many lying hypocrites live here. People keep their nose in the air and act like they're better than anybody else. Rudeness is worse in this town than any other state I have lived in. I wish you would wake up and realize that there's more to life than sticking your nose in the air. Thank God that you're alive. Smile once in awhile and be happy.

For the record

It's not the rich who are paying taxes; it's the middle income who are paying taxes to take care of everyone else.

Bargain hunting

I believe in patronizing our local merchants, but I was in Charleston and you can buy gasoline 14 cents cheaper than you can in Sikeston. I believe in giving to the needy, not to the greedy.

I went to Cape last night and they had gas for $1.16 and in Sikeston it's $1.37 and $1.38. Why the difference? I can understand why people drive to Cape just to fill up with gas.

I would like to know if there's anyone in this town or nearby who sharpens scissors.