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Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Call 471-6636

This is to the neighbor who is so worried about my trash can on the curb being an eyesore. Sorry it bothers you so. Unlike you who apparently has nothing better to do with your day than to worry about other people's yards and then trespass on them to leave notes on their doors, there are nicer ways to do things. I have work to do all day to support my children who also need to do homework, be fed on a daily basis and need clean clothes to wear and who like to spend time with their mom. These things don't do themselves. I'm left with the tasks at hand, not to mention baseball, basketball, soccer, whatever season it might be, practicing games. So you see, bringing up the trash can is not my No. 1 priority. My children are. So don't worry. I will take care of the trash can and your precious neighborhood will be safe once again from an eyesore. Just remember one thing, however. There used to be a time when neighbors cared enough about each other and knew enough about each other, instead of nasty notes, someone might have bothered to lend a hand.

I just got a batch of my Standards in the mail. They usually get here three or four at a time. I just could not believe when I saw the Aug. 7 paper where somebody had sent in a picture of the whole downtown part of Morehouse, what was left from what burned. The Standard had nothing in the paper anywhere. There was no picture of that, no write-up. You would think when a little town like that burned, where they get all their shoppers from, you'd think $9 would at least send somebody over to take a decent picture.

We were there. The picture you saw on the Aug. 7 editorial page was the same one our photographer took the morning of the fire, July 26. All the information available to us was included in the photo cutline on July 26.

Does anybody in the Sikeston area have any green tomatoes for sale? If so, please put your telephone number in SpeakOut.

When Republicans find $4.5 billion in the budget, mostly in Social Security, I think this is one good time for the President to be vacationing in Texas.

I just read where people think a prom for kids is a good idea. What are you thinking? You're making kids grow up too fast. Why not give them something to look forward to? If a prom is for all ages, then they won't have anything to look forward to their senior year.

I would like to SpeakOut in favor of the Scott County Health Department. I think this will be an excellent location for the new building, provide room for growth and easy accessibility.

Clinton lied about sex. George W. lied about taking $4 billion-plus from Social Security to cover his underestimated tax rebate. Who's the villain now?

I need to locate Larry Baker. I'm sure he lives in Sikeston. Larry, if you see this or anyone who knows Larry Baker, please ask him to call 471-1695. I believe you will be glad you did.

I live in Miner and my Wednesday Standard Democrat has all the ads on it. Maybe you and I should switch papers because I don't like all the ads in mine.