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Thursday, August 30, 2001

Call 471-6636

I put in there about the 87 and 92 octane in gas. You did not put the whole thing in there that I asked you. I said I had gotten a gallon of 87 octane at a certain place. Then I went and got a gallon of 92 octane and it looked the same. I thought 92 octane was a whole lot cleaner and clearer gas. I have done this at two stores here in Sikeston. How can we tell if we are really getting 92 octane? That's what I asked in SpeakOut.

State inspectors perform unannounced inspections at all gas stations periodically. Samples are taken from the tanks and analyzed in Jefferson City to be sure the correct octane formula is in the tank it's supposed to be in. Pumps are also checked for accuracy. If you buy five gallons of gas, they check to make sure the pump delivers five gallons. After the inspection, a sticker is placed on each pump that reads "inspected" along with the date of the inspection.

I agree with the caller in SpeakOut. The people who have never worked in this country are getting all the benefits the United States can offer - Medicaid and welfare gives them everything else. But when a person's health goes bad and they can't continue to work in the workforce and can't continue to work their jobs because of their health and they lose their jobs because they can't perform anymore, these people who have worked all their lives can't get any benefits at all. In other words, if you've worked you don't get anything. But if you don't work, you prosper. There's something wrong with our government. I want to congratulate the person who put that in SpeakOut because you spoke the truth.

I've been polling surrounding ambulance services. Why do we have to pay five supervisors/managers when the surrounding counties have barely that? It's a waste of money.

Thank you Mr. Jensen for publishing the Rev. Michael J. Swalina's viewpoint on stem cell research. I wish every American citizen had the opportunity to read this article. Everybody has a right to his own opinion, but I truly believe that having read this article, many people would be convinced that Swalina's viewpoint is the right one.

If Al Sharpton becomes president, I'm moving to Canada.

Our little Maltese was taken from our home on Aug. 16. Shabby is a male and about a year old and is shaved from the neck down (had a partial hair cut). He is solid white and has brown eyes. He has asthma attacks and other medical problems. He needs his medicine. We are all grieving for our pet. My husband is 86 years old and we are all really having a hard time dealing with this. How can someone just take somebody's pet like that without a thought for who will be hurt. If you have seen our dog, please call 472-0865 or 472-8172. We will even give a reward for his safe return. He has a black leather collar with his tags. He is due for his rabies shot.

I was glad to see the Charleston R-1 School District on the news with the training for school shootings. My question is, why have the training when you won't stop the problem that results in school shootings to begin with, of which one problem is freshman initiation? This is allows kids to be cruel and hurt fellow classmates. Stop initiation before it's too late. Parents can help by keeping their children at home. If the juniors would stop initiating, the initiations would stop altogether. Parents, we need your help. This could result in a bad problem. I'd like to know why the Charleston R-1 School District still allows freshman initiation. Isn't this hazing and isn't hazing against the law?

I was walking in the park and I noticed the tree dedicated to the Oklahoma City bombing families. I was in the Oklahoma City bombing and I just wanted to say to whomever planted it how much it thrilled my heart that people were still praying for us and the event. This town's love is so much appreciated. Thank you.