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Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Many thanks to the Sikeston Standard Democrat and the Sikeston Jaycees for my free tickets to the rodeo this year. I'm new to Sikeston and really appreciated an opportunity to attend the rodeo and see Lonestar. I was the winner of the contest and the Sikeston Standard Democrat is where I chose my winning ticket. Thanks to the people at KSIM and Bill Powers particularly for their help in procuring all the winning prizes; and Mike Young, administrator at Clearview Nursing Center.

In the Aug. 10 Standard, Gary Weed had a flyer included in the paper stating if he failed to leave you the Standard, to call him long distance in Benton. Should we call him collect for his mistake?

Call the circulation department at 471-4141 and we will give you a toll-free number to call.

This is a senior citizen on Second Street and we would sure appreciate them taking care of their yard over here on Third Street, it's a blue house. I've been gone on vacation and I noticed it's kind of grown up. I hope they will keep it cut down because we sure would appreciate it.

I'd like to SpeakOut about Sikeston DPS. I don't appreciate their putting someone's picture in the paper just for a backfine. I think that is very childish and ignorant. If the person has a warrant, fine, that's OK. But they don't need to put their picture in the newspaper just for a backfine. I think that's very incriminating. If they commit a crime or selling marijuana or kill somebody, they should put the picture in. But just for a backfine? Sikeston, you don't have enough to do but just to waste taxpayers' money. That's it. Could you please print this because I'm directing it to the Sikeston DPS. That's very stupid and very ignorant.

I see in the paper where they're remodeling the west end community at Pin Oak. They need to start on Agnes, Ruth, South West, William and back. I wonder why Sikeston (or whoever decided) to do this Pin Oak remodeling thing are not looking at these abandoned homes over here on William Street. These empty homes have been just sitting here for years. All these places are just going to hell and nobody cares.

I really respect the police department and know they have a hard job. About a month ago I had my car vandalized and called the police. About a week later, I did some checking and found out who vandalized my car. I called the police and told them who did it. The police came over originally and took prints and everything, but the guy is still walking the streets. That seems like it would be an easy case to figure out.

I have visited the health department for many services over the years. I think the new site is an excellent choice. It will be much more convenient for me.

I certainly agree with the individual who called on Aug. 19 about the waste of taxpayer dollars on the housing project on Ingram Road. The sidewalks were perfectly in good shape. It's just hard for me to understand why they're tearing up the good sidewalks and replacing them with new ones. It just doesn't make sense. It's almost as bad as the city of Sikeston replacing all the street lights and putting in these aluminum poles. It's just a waste of money.

According to Sikeston Housing Authority Executive Director Bobby K. Henry, the last physical inspection of the housing resulted in a low grade because of the poor condition of the sidewalks, which were between 30 and 40 years old and posed a danger to elderly and disabled residents. The project was paid for with the authority's capital improvement fund.

Have you ever wondered why, when you go into a store that the clerks don't say "Hello," "Thank you" or "Come back"? Just look at the manager. If they ever smiled their faces would crack.

I would like to know if employees who work in a retirement home are supposed to leave their patients unattended.

You should call the retirement home in question and ask the personnel manager or director specifically about the person you're concerned about. The level of care for each patient is different.