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Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

Speaktou 10/29

Friday, October 29, 2004

Why would you idiots set up kids to have doors slammed in their faces?

If some little rug rat comes knocking on my door on Saturday night, not only will I scare the hell out of them with a verbal tongue lashing for trick or treating on the wrong day, they will leave empty handed with a door slammed.

Some towns and cities have set Saturday for trick-or-treat while others will observe it on Sunday.

I read in the Oct. 19 paper about the U.S. Supreme Court making a decision about the fairness of shackling defendants. A double murderer who killed a man and woman was convicted and they took him in front of the jury for a citizen's hearing and he didn't like it because they had chains around his legs. They are taking it up in the Supreme Court. Does the Supreme Court of the United States have nothing else to do but decide if a convicted murderer has the right not to wear shackles when he goes to court? We know the courts are making all the laws now and the judges are going crazy, but we didn't know the U.S. Supreme Court could waste its time on this. It is absolutely amazing. This country is going nuts.

I can't believe what I am seeing. I am sitting here watching as they bring out police and riot gear to a game. What have we come to? This is not 9/11, people. It's just a game! Goodness!

We believe your call is about the Yankee game when police were called. Officials were alerted because fans were throwing baseballs out onto the field during one of the later innings of the game. This was a precautionary measure to protect the players as well as the fans.

To the person or persons asking why they are gating Garden of Memories off, you are allowed to be in the cemetery but only to visit the loved ones who have passed on. Please give respect to others who are trying to do the same, but we can't because there are so many walkers who have turned it into a walking track. Shame on you. I can't imagine anyone turning a cemetery into a walking track. It is so disrespectful. One day I was out there and counted seven vehicles. Two were trucks from MoDOT. I couldn't even get to my parents' graves because they were pulled over in front of them. I hope I have explained why. If you can drive to the cemetery, you could drive to the Sports Complex to walk. Or better yet, get a treadmill. Visit? Yes. Walking? No.

To the person in SpeakOut who is searching for a daycare or individual in the Sikeston or Charleston area to care for a 2-year-old insulin dependent child, contact Miss Ann's Playland, 223 Edmondson St. at (573) 481-9002.