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Friday, September 7, 2001

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about signs and big bushes and things at the edge of a business. Sometimes when you pull up to a stop sign or go to pull out of a business, you can't see other drivers on the roadway because of signs or bushes right at the edge along the road. That's dangerous and I know it has caused accidents. I've almost had accidents myself. I don't think they should be put so close to the road.

I'd like to SpeakOut about these corporate farms and state agencies who are big recipients of bailout funds. This is the most ridiculous thing I believe I've ever read in my life. It states that Tyler Farms is getting about $1.7 million, more than any other single recipient. Then they gripe because they have to keep getting the subsidies to keep going. Anybody who gets that much money doesn't need any subsidies if they can't handle their farm any better than that. I farm. I farm 2,000 acres and it is hard, but I don't depend on subsidies. They said the small farmers don't need any money because they have jobs on the side. I don't have a job on the side and most farmers around here don't either and they do not receive all this money. They are ruining the government and they are ruining the farmer. When are the people going to wake up? No wonder people talk about farmers when they read something like this and you know it's ridiculous.

I'm calling in response to the SpeakOut article about the Sikeston teachers. I thought everyone should know that we have Sikeston teachers working at the schools who don't even live in Sikeston. We have teachers here because they have talents or have been with the school system for years. There is a teacher who flirts with all the students at school and drinks heavily. If you want to check into it, start attending school board meetings and ask questions. Find out why everything works the way they do.

I'm calling in reference to the web page for the Sikeston Junior High School. Who is in charge of the web page? It hasn't been updated since 1999. It's rather a disgrace. I've had my child ask people and no one seems to know.

The web page is in the process of being updated.

This is a comment to the person who was in the newspaper for failure to pay back fines. The caller was unhappy because the picture was in the newspaper. If they would have paid their fines, they probably wouldn't have done that. The next time a person owes a fine, it would be in their best interest to pay the fine because it's not like it's not on their record and they don't know they have them.

This is to the person who wanted to know about the octane in gasoline. There is nobody in this world who can look at gasoline or smell gasoline and tell you what octane it is. Don't let anybody tell you they can, because they can't. These people who come around and inspect the gasoline at these gas stations might only come around once a year, so you want to watch what station you buy your gas at.