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Speakout 11/11

Thursday, November 11, 2004

In President Bush's re-election on Nov. 2 in both the elector and popular votes, our nation can, if it will, by God's grace, begin to heal itself by acknowledging President Bush with honor and respect and letting go of the Kennedy and Clinton era. By the election of President Bush, our Vietnam veterans have also found, finally, their place of honor, which they so deserve.

After the Nov. 2 election we finally got rid of the liberal Democrats. Now, for the next agenda, we need to take our poor and put them in work farms; we need to take the sick and elderly and put them in nursing homes; and we also need to put people to work (the ones who draw welfare) cleaning streets and take care of yards in Sikeston. With these agendas, now that the Republicans are in power and get rid of the liberal Democrats. I think we should get rid of the Democrats altogether because they are nothing but stinking fools. I think the Republicans could set up a system where the government could set up a system to eliminate the weak, the tired and the poor and remove them from our society. I think we would be a better, stronger, richer country if we would send them to work farms and help them produce something for the rest of us. Thank God for Bush and Christian values.

Is dictatorship a Christian value?

I am looking for a part-time daycare in or near Sikeston. Please call me at 472-2136.

I know you are an expert on Democrats. What I want to know is, why do so many Democrats hate George Bush? We all know that George Bush has made some mistakes, but he's a man of faith and people of faith sometimes make mistakes. George Bush is an honest man. He means to do what he says and he says what he means. He has reached across aisle and tried to be nice to everybody. He even invited Ted Kennedy to help write the education bill. Why do the Democrats still hate him? Every time they get in front of a television camera, Democrats will stab him and try to lie about him. Why does that keep happening?

I hope Dan Rather, Michael Moore, W.T. Woods, Ron Greenlee and all the so-called Hollywood stars have listened to the message of the American people in our vote for president and get over their hate. Get on with your lives and be a part of America.