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Speakout 9/19

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The towel donation to Charlie Company is wonderful. Next time (from a soldier's perspective) please send brown towels.

Doll search

I am looking for a "Pebbles" doll. I believe they were popular in the 1960s and '70s. If anyone has one, please call me at 471-9267.

I am calling about the healthcare program. Someone had written in about the Bush administration not doing anything about healthcare and prescription plan. If they would get off their butt and check with the pharmacy they can get a form to fill out and get a prescription card. I know by experience. We have one and it is very good.

I want to commend the new girl's softball coach at Sikeston schools. We have already won as many games this year that we won for the whole season last year. She is doing a terrific job. Parents, let her do her job. These girls are good and she is showing how good they are. They have real talent and she is a very terrific coach and I am really proud of the way the girls are performing this year.

I'd like to thank Mike Patterson for his very good letter to the editor on Sept. 10. The rantings of the left-leaning media would be comical if their lies weren't so damaging to us all. Radical Republicans simply refuse to listen to facts if they turn out to be something other than what they want the facts to be. Kerry served heroically in Vietnam, and Bush served in the National Guard to avoid going to Vietnam. Believe it or not, most of us are fine with that, because we remember the horrific days of the Vietnam War. Veterans like this Swift Boat group, who are lying and distorting facts for the sake of politics, demean all military personnel. And for Bush to be anything but honest about the fact that he did everything he could to get out of going to Vietnam is silly. We remember. We know what the deal was. We understand. But don't lie about it, Mr. Bush. Didn't you learn anything from Clinton?

To you who are trying to put the Cotton Carnival together, it seems you have forgotten our World War II veterans. If it hadn't been for them, you might not be here. How about a trailer for all of them to ride on? After all, there aren't many of them left to receive the honor they deserve.

The right place to call with your suggestion is American Legion Post 114 at 471-9956.

I would like to give a big thank you to Junior DeLay for putting together the 20th century reunion. There were graduates there from as far back as 1935. It was a wonderful, wonderful night and no body else could have pulled it off. Thanks, Junior.

Too bad that huge explosion in North Korea wasn't a nuclear bomb they were trying to build.

It is my understanding that, currently at least, the second of three presidential debates is scheduled to take place in Missouri. It is to be an open town hall type of environment. It appears that Mr. Bush opposes that debate. That is an insult to the people of Missouri. Despite his many previous visits to the state - and its importance to the election - why is Mr. Bush afraid of this debate? Of course he won't know the questions to be asked in advance. He won't have the benefit of prepared answers. That, I submit, is his fear. If Mr. Bush avoids such debate, then the people of Missouri should conclude that his rhetoric has been false and untrue.