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Speakout 1/18

Sunday, January 18, 2004

We live halfway between Sikeston and Cape and have been shopping in Sikeston for over 10 years. If the 1 percent sales tax is approved, guess what direction we'll go to do our shopping?

Before you head north, if the sales tax is approved, the increase will actually be 1/2-cent instead of 1 percent (both the SAHEC tax of 1/4-cent and Capital Improvement tax of 1/4-cent will expire). Cape Girardeau city tax is 6.725 and Sikeston's tax is divided into three categories: 4.225 for state, 1 percent for Scott county and 2 percent for the city, for a total of 7.225 cents. Cape Girardeau taxes 4 percent for lodging and 2 percent for food and beverages served at restaurants and other eating establishments. Sikeston does have a 4 percent lodging tax, but if you live in or near Sikeston, it would not affect you because you won't be going to a local motel. Sikeston does not charge a tax for food at restaurants. When all the numbers are added, Sikeston's tax will be only 1-cent higher than it is now, if approved (and without the tax for eating out).

When is the presidential primary in Missouri and who will be on the ballot?

Missourians can pick their candidates in the primary set for Feb. 3. The candidates who will be on the ballots are: Democrats, Joe Lieberman, Connecticut, U.S. senator; Dennis J. Kucinich, Ohio, congressman; Dick Gephardt, Missouri, congressman; Wesley K. Clark, Arkansas, retired general; Lyndon H. LaRouche, Virginia; John Edwards, North Carolina, U.S. senator; John F. Kerry, Massachusetts, U.S. senator; Howard Dean, Vermont, former governor; Fern Penna, New York ; Al Sharpton, New York, civil rights activist; and Carol Moseley Braun, Illinois, former U.S. senator; Republicans: George W. Bush, Texas, president; Bill Wyatt, California ; Blake Ashby, Missouri; and Libertarians: Gary Nolan, Virginia; N. Ruben Perez, Texas; Jeffrey H. Diket, Louisiana.