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New medical procedure battles fat

Sunday, November 26, 2006

SIKESTON - There it is on the billboard: No sweat. No dieting. No kidding.

And now, LipoDissolve, a nonsurgical, cosmetic treatment to eliminate fat, is available in Sikeston. No kidding.

Since September, Dr. Ken Stone has offered the medicated injections through Skin Medics, his Medi-spa and LipoDissolve Clinic at 121 Smith St.

"Many of the clients and patients were asking about it," said Michele Stone, office administrator. She explained Stone began investigating the procedure and learned the success other clinics were having with LipoDissolve.

LipoDissolve uses very small needles to inject fat cells with a special chemical, PCDC. The fat cells absorb the chemical, becoming slightly inflamed then harden. The harden cells break down and then are eliminated by the body over two to three weeks.

On average, patients will receive about six treatments, which are timed two to four weeks apart.

Stone said he liked what he heard about the procedure and what it could do for patients, who, despite diet and exercise, still were troubled by fat deposits. Typically, the areas for treatment are the upper or lower abdomen, inner or outer thighs, knees, face, upper back around the arm pits, lower back or "love handles," back of the arms, back of the legs and for men, the chest area.

However before tackling the procedure, first Stone and his staff completed training with Katie O'Brien, one of the most experienced injectors in the United States, Stone said. After the training they began offering LipoDissolve as part of the Medi-spa's other services including botox, dermafillers and photofacials.

"Some people see improvement after the first treatment, myself included," said Donna Eftink, licensed estitician with Skin Medics, who is currently undergoing the LipoDissolve procedure.

Eftink counsels clients that LipoDissolve is not a weight loss program, rather they will see a loss of inches. Also she works with clients to ensure they maintain a proper diet and healthy weight.

"Theoretically, you shouldn't put the fat back on because you are getting rid of the fat cells," said Eftink.

The chemicals used in the LipoDissolve treatment are "considered highly safe. These are the same chemicals used by cardiologists to treat fat cells in the blood stream since the 1950s," Mrs. Stone said.

However, she noted the procedure isn't for everyone. LipoDissolve should not be used by the morbidly obese, people with diabetes, vascular complications or infections or by pregnant women.

"It really is for those who have done all they can with diet and exercise," she said. "It can correct contouring imperfections."

The number of shots involved depends on the area being sculpted and the size of the client. Generally the shots are spaced an inch apart into the fat layer just below the surface of the skin.

The convenience of the procedure is also touted by Mrs. Stone. She explained because it is a non-invasive procedure there is no down time. "It is something you can do and you don't have to put your life on hold while you recover."

Patients undergoing the treatments can expect swelling, tenderness and some patients may experience slight bruising. But these are temporary, Mrs. Stone emphasized.

While most of their first clients undergoing the LipoDissolve procedure are still completing the regime, Mrs. Stone and Eftink agreed they all seem pleased. Many have recommended the procedure to others, who have now signed up, Mrs. Stone said.

With each of the new patients, Skin Medics offers a free initial consultation. Also they discuss the costs of the procedures and, Mrs. Stone added, while the costs are reasonable, Skin Medics does offer several financing options.

Best of all, the women agreed, it is safe, effective and it works. They might even show you their before and after photos.