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Speakout 2/9

Monday, February 9, 2004

When I read the story in the Jan. 29 paper about the dog who was taken to the humane society, I hope they find the person who did this. What ever happens to this person is not nearly bad enough. Anyone who would abuse a poor, helpless, defenseless animal should not deserve any kind of leniency at all. I hope they find them and punish them severely. Maybe they should do to them what they did to the dog.

How many living wage jobs are available in Sikeston? The living wage jobs I would want a figure on are not the total number in Sikeston that are already occupied by sons, daughters, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law of local elites or elite wannabes. I want to know how many living wage jobs are currently available for someone to apply for in Sikeston.

I thought SpeakOut was supposed to be an open forum where people could have their say without fear of retribution from your local bullies. And yet, you use it for personal attacks and to take pot shots at people, which is not exactly fair since you don't give people a chance to reply to you. Is this your idea of free speech? You use it as your forum.

This is for the 18-year-old girl in Sikeston who was pregnant and said she needs to be on welfare. If you hadn't been sexually active, you wouldn't need to be on welfare. And complaining about the Mexicans coming here to work, well, you had the same opportunity to apply for that job. But would you? No, because the pay is too low. You talk about the Chinese buying up the stores (they're not Chinese, by the way), there is still a job opening but you wouldn't apply for it because you don't like their nationality. But it's a job and you will not do it.

I recently read in your newspaper about the animal abuse that was reported. I also saw the story on KFVS. I hope they find out who did that to that poor little animal and that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent. That is just terrible! How anybody could treat a poor little animal like that is just beyond me. I also think the humane society of Sikeston does a wonderful job and people should support them with donations.

I attended the Sikeston-Kelly basketball game Friday night and at the door I was told that I couldn't take my soda in and that it needed to be thrown away. So I threw it away. When I got seated, I looked around in the crowd and two women in the reserved section had outside sodas. I asked someone who they were and was told that one of them works for the school. If this is the rule, Sikeston schools need to start with their employees.

As far as I'm concerned about Mr. Jensen's President (I say he is Mr. Jensen's president because he thinks Bush can do no wrong), I have not been impressed. He has not done anything he said he was going to do when he was campaigning. We are in far worse shape than we were in before. Our deficit increases every day; he engaged his war and killed lots of our military, disrupted family lives. I cannot stand to hear him on TV anymore. I will not vote for him again. He is nothing but a big liar

I would like to see some of the large city newspapers in the United States fire some of their people who lied about President Bush like they did about Tony Blair and apologize for the lies that the news media say about President Bush lying about a lot of things when they knew they were not lies.