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Political tricks will threaten process

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Though it's barely March, I am already getting tired of the election process this year because of the horrific tone being established this early in the campaign. And yes, I tend to vote Republican so, yes, I tend to rile at the tactics employed by the Democrats. Rest assured, I recognize that both parties are equally capable of low-brow campaigning and both will surely turn to nasty tricks before it's all over. But come on folks, we've got a long road ahead.

Here's the latest tidbit that has my blood pressure elevated. As you know, the Republicans will hold their national convention in New York City this year which to me is a bone-headed move that is likely to backfire. Granted, New York state produces its fair share of Republicans but New York City is not their zip code. So why go deep into enemy territory unless you have to? But I digress.

It seems that the Service Employees International Union represents workers in hotels, restaurants and other facilities and is one of the larger unions in NYC. Well, unions being unions, this group is overwhelmingly Democratic by affiliation. And to show their general lack of support for the GOP, the group says they are likely to strike or otherwise disrupt the GOP convention this year.

It seems the union has hatched a plan to concoct a bogus labor issue during the GOP convention that will force a strike that would coincide with the convention and end when the delegates leave town. The phrase labor "dispute" is repeated with slight grins and a friendly wink of the eye. In other words, this is how this union favors the democratic process.

Political choice is a hallmark of our republic and political dissent is the cousin of political choice. But to purposely disrupt the convention of the opposition party seems sleazy at best. This is the very same union that has filled John Kerry's coffers with $30 million thus far!

If all goes as planned, the media should have something else to discuss during the GOP convention. And given the sad state of the New York media, they'll have a field day.

Messy dishes and disruption in the hotels will be a mere inconvenience. The attempt to disrespect the highest office in this great land however is priceless. After a week of "strikes," the hotels will not be the only thing stinking in New York City. Not by a wide margin.

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