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Speakout 5/23

Thursday, May 23, 2002

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It is truly amazing to me that some people will send their money to someone who they think can predict their future, when not one of these so called physics predicted 9-11.

This is a note of thanks to the young men who sandbagged in front of my home on 539. I don't know who you are, but I'm sure God knows. God bless you all!

On May 17 as I was driving along Ables Road, I noticed several people's curiosity over the flooded streets in that area. Well, if you want to see flooding, come to my house. Park your car, put on your rubber boots and come on in. Just get off the road before you cause an accident. Sincerely, an unwilling participant in the flood of 2002.

A few weeks ago there was a big complaint in SpeakOut about the terribly bad and dangerous traffic on Cleveland Street in Charleston. Of course there has been no correction on this matter and we are getting a petition to take this matter to a higher-up. We are taking it and we do mean business. This has got to stop before a child is killed. If the authorities would get up off their backsides and do something about this, maybe we wouldn't have to do this. Charleston is a disgrace to its citizens.

I was at the Little League field on May 16 to watch the kids play baseball. There were three games scheduled for the night. The first game was to end and the second game was to start at 7 p.m. Because one of the coach's teams was behind in the score he got to the little kids around furiously to begin another inning, with only one minute left on the time clock. This, of course, enabled his team to score enough runs to win the game. But it also delayed the starting of the second game by 30 minutes. By the time the second game was played, it caused yet another delay in the third game's start time. By the time it was all over and the kids got home to get their baths, it was almost 11 p.m. Keep in mind the following day was a school day. How sad that a grown man would place these kids in such a position just to have the privilege of saying his team won. As I reflect back on this incident, I wonder, is this man coaching for the good of the kids or for his own glory?

This is the third time this year (2002) that Pam Street has been flooded. Last year, that drainage ditch was dry. Why didn't they get in there and clean it out? Then maybe this wouldn't be happening to us.